Mooncakes in LA

This is a great list. I was just at IFT next to San Gabriel Superstore earlier this week and saw that they had regular sized mooncakes and mini ones. How do you get made-to-measure ones?

Supposed to be chalky (or more chalky) cuz they’re snow.

My mom just gets whatever is imported from HK and TW. Also Kee Wah

Both are snow skin but one had chalkier texture than the other.

Edit: is been 3yrs though, I’ll try sunny again

I cannot recall exactly. Will update after mooncake run.

Memory was foggy, but after looking at my pics, I know why I said sunny is (was?) chalky tasting.

Sunny Bakery - 2013

What i meant by the chalky texture is that… it tasted like chalky processed durian, vs the following pic of the D24 one.

This is the D24, essentially just stuffed full of fresh tasting durian.

And here’s what it looks like if you let it sit for a little bit.

Packaging. Clockwise from top left: Wing Wah (HK), Kam Wah (Costco), Sunny Bakery, then D24 (found @ sg superstore)

Out of the packages. Clockwise from top left: Wing Wah (HK), Kam Wah (Costco), Sunny Bakery, then D24 (found @ sg superstore)

Not sure if sunny has improved since then. If they did, I’ll try them again!


Hi @blimpbinge,

Thanks for the pics. :slight_smile: Wow, that D24 Durian looks… like funky, rotting cheese. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: My co-worker is going to love this (and I will demand that he doesn’t open it in the office, or anywhere within a 100 mile radius). :slight_smile:


That’s what I meant by “more chalky”.

Many people prefer a drier, paste-like filling, esp. for snow skin mooncakes (as well as Taiwanese flaky mooncakes). Just different strokes.


Damn, son… That is a biohazard level 4 crisis if you bring it to work.

Having said that, that D24 looks so frickin’ tasty

I forgot to ask…how much should I expect to pay for these mooncakes? And should I be prepared to cash?

This has inspired me to make a run this weekend! I tried last year, but I was several wks too late, and all the snow-skin (and Wing Wah) ones were gone. :frowning:

You guys crack me up.

I seriously don’t know a collective group of individuals (foodies, or otherwise) who are so enamored with mooncakes.

Mooncakes, of all things!

Where in this country are they in such abundance but around SoCal? :grin:

San Francisco Bay Area, for one.

Flushing, for two.

Manhattan, for three

Houston, for four.

I have to stop now, I got kicked out of remedial ESL kindergarten when they taught numbers greater than 4.

Whaddya talkin’ about, Willis? Given that it looked like a tornado had ripped through SG Superstore (I think that’s like one of the 2-3 places I went last yr looking for the final crumbs of the higher-end mooncakes), I’d say that there’s plenty of people who can’t get enough of them.

I’m a bad Asian, though. I DETEST the ones w/ egg yolk.

Hear hear! As an ABC I detest the salty egg yolks as well…but then I suppose there wouldn’t be any “moon” in the mooncake.

To be honest, I only like salty duck egg yolks on Chinese steamed meatloaf.

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Hah! Do you think it’s really an ABC thing??? :wink:

Not to derail the thread, but I had to look up steamed meatloaf. It looks familiar. I don’t know if I’ve had at a restaurant or if my grandma cooked them. Def don’t remember any eggs, though, so maybe just made at home. :wink:

Not Chinese ABC or otherwise but there was an article in Lucky Peach about Chinese meatloaf you might find interesting

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