MSG Is Finally Getting Its Revenge

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A paywall but I love The Atlantic. I’m not much of a ‘salter’ and don’t get a lot from processed foods. But, say, when we have a Stouffer’s entree the sodium is HIGH. This would be interesting. Except the deal breaker would likely be those people who are just sure that MSG is BAD!

I read this as Madison Square Garden and wondered who it wanted revenge on.


Here’s an article that isn’t behind a paywall.

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:joy: I don’t know if this is the most up to date on the issue


MSG martinis, salt and a cha siu mcrib from Bonnie’s in Brooklyn

Wrong MSG.

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Oh, I love that drama.

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People have no issue eating tomatoes, cheese, and chips. Why do you think they taste so damn good? MSG

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I never, ever heard of putting MSG in a martini.
Maybe I’ve lived a sheltered life.