My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds

A wink and a nod to Ipse from a former post…

My latest .99 cent Only Store food finds are:

Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese 2pk (mac and chile too)
Gevalia Iced Mocha Coffee
Maui baby heirloom tomt’s in a myriad of colors
Tejava fresh brewed tea
Sargento mozzarella and cheddar
Sugar Snap Peas
Hefty Quart Zip baggies
Jack Links Jerky
Hellman’s Mayo

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Which 99 cent store? Have you seen the whipped cream cheese from NY, , I am drawing a blank on the name?

I’m talking about the .99cent Only store…
I’m in San Diego and they have some fab deals on high end stuff…a lot of the produce is from Maui and I go to Maui quite a bit and I don’t get how they sell this beautiful produce, since it is astronomical in the islands…
They have cream cheese (the Philly name brand) and different flavors too.

Sometimes I will find Talenti Gelato.

Not always, but when I do … It’s like Christmas on steroids.


How’s their pistachio gelato?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got huge $1 pumpkins…sweet!

BurgerBoy1 -

I think you are talking about Temptee whipped cream cheese, in the pink container. Cream cheese of the gods.

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“Hellman’s mayo (yay!)
Three packs of seaweed snacks - two sleeves for a dollar
And the Campbell’s pouch sauces. (Just tried the sweet and sour. They said to use it with chicken but I used it with shrimp. Surprisingly good!)”

And, hit mine up today on the way home from errands and scored more of the seaweed and… 2pounds of Polly-O ricotta! Yay! :heart_eyes:

Now I just have to figure out what to make with the ricotta - my go to is stuffed shells, but considering the season, maybe a pumpkin lasagna?

Wooo Hooo. . I got the 2 pounds of Polly-O Ricotta too!!!
Gonna make my killer kick ass lasagna…

The Progresso white bean chicken chili in a pouch is very good and got several of those and good for a soup and sandwich combo.
Hellman’s Mayo and no flames but I saw a big ol’ tub of MIracle Whip and my low brow, came out and I got it and made a toasted sandwich of seed/grain bread with heirloom tomt’s sliced with muenster cheese and red onion…YUM!

The Dona Maria Mole container already to go is excellent and I’ll add a can of Swensen’s chicken stock, from .99c to it and I buy the cheese and chile tamales from Costco and pour that over with avo/sour/cheese and jalapeno…delicious.

Got 3 containers of the freshly made tortellini from Buttoni of tortellini with cheese…score!

Gold Peak Brewed Unsweetened Tea Gallon…

Hefty Freezer Zip Lock Bags Gallon size…Reynold’s Foil Sheets…sandwich bags with zip lock

Stouffer’s Mac n’ Cheese 2 pk of white cheddar/chile mac/buffalo

Bag of navel oranges


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Just scored 15 ‘Pillow Pets’ for $1.99 each of Panda and Ladybugs for Xmas gifts for the kids that are homeless/abused for Xmas…
So excited!!



But, but, but … this is a 99¢ Only store, no? What am I missing?

And, good on you for taking care of the kids. Kudos.

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Hey :cupid:
Every now and then they will have a high end ticket item that they will showcase for $1.99.
The ‘Pillow Pets’ were selling for 10X a while ago.
They might need to add a caveat to their signage, .99 Cent Only and an occasional $1.99 for a high end item!

Kids LOVE these wonderful pillows that fold up to an animal form and I would suggest, if possible, that you all go out to your .99 Cent Only Store, with an occasional $1.99 item and buy a box or two and give them out to kids who don’t have a Xmas…it will brighten their cute little spirits and give kids hope that :santa: is alive and well. .

Don’t wait, they were going like hotcakes yesterday…


Maui produce from da islands is a wonderful find…
I don’t get the logistics, since produce in Maui can be very expensive.

Kraft sliced Big cheese jalapeños
Snyder 8pk pretzels
Champagne grapes…love those lil nugs of sweetness!
Rita’s Italian ice
Lorna Doone and Nutter Butter cookies…yeah baby!

Oh my. My fave. I’ll have to check them out for that reason alone.

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Don’t know if this would count as food but… Just got these today - whee!

Love the greek yogurt cream cheese they have there. And double love the bins of fresh breads. Being able to get a giant sliced cracked wheat sourdough for $1? A happy happy thing. San Luis Sourdough Bread - 24oz : Target

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The 20+ pet pillows were given to abused kids in the County and were the best thing a kid who has been unloved and neglected…they had a animated pet toy to hug and to hold and sleep with and lay their precious little heads on something soft and to call their own…

God Bless those children. .


Nothing fancy today but - tons of killer finds - it was an Oscar Meyer Discount Day!

Boxes of three, 12oz trays of OM Turkey bacon - 99 cents each box.
16 oz. packages of Oscar Meyer smoked turkey, the slices arranged in the rectangular tub.
More OM turkey, but different packaging - 16 oz.

No temptee cream cheese BUT - 16 oz tubs of 1/3 less fat Philadelphia whipped cream cheese.

2, 4.5 oz bags of kettle chips for $1

Dreyers Outshine Tangerine Medley frozen fruit bars. We’ve had these before and they are surprisingly tasty!

My freezer and tummy are now full :smile:

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Sweet. …
Turkey bacon works well in a BLT…
Tangerine fruit pops sound delicious.
Good score sista!!

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Oh the tangerine fruit pops… So good…

I understand the price to score value for the turkey bacon is huge, and I will like it with my home gown tomatoes on a BLT.

But oh, on a grumpy hot day? The fruit pops are practically priceless : )

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