My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds

Didn’t find those pops…a lot of times, its all about the timing.
Just like life. . .

Just got Oscar Mayer Natural Turkey Deli Meat and Oscar Mayer Natural Turkey Hot Dogs. .
These go for $4.99+ at the Big Box Store. .

Yay Plumeria!

Isn’t it a fun feeling : )

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Plumeria -

A belated reply, somehow this was still in my “to be posted”.

"And I confess, hit another one today and got the happy surprise of the Campbell’s pouch sauces. The shrimp scampi is low fat and surprisingly tasty!

And yes, I know shrimp scampi is way easy to make, but the hubster is trying to eat more healthily so, this gives us a happy taste with less waist : )"

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Went there today and got a case of the Vitaminwater Strawberry Lemonade - two bottles for $1. Tasty and in this heat? Mighty helpful!

Also got four of the kraft anytime dressings - two golden italian, two balsamic as I figured they’d be great easy, not fancy but decent marinades for chicken or fish. 4 for $1.

I believe I have now correctly supported the economy : )

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We have a Dollar Store 5 minutes away but the 99¢ Only store is 15 minutes and in an area I don’t really need to go to very often. Sounds like I need to find a reason.


Sweet deal Happy!

Its like when you go to Goodwill and score an incredible find for a $1…
Produce comes in on M-W-F.
The Maui heirloom tomt’s in purple, orange and vibrant red and gold are sublime baby nuggets of goodness!



Plumeria -

I will look for those tomatoes!

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Latest Find from the best store in the world, besides Nordy’s!

Snyder’s 8pk of pretzels. . .good with the Pub cheese and Jalapenos from TJ’s
Glad Freezer Zip Lock Bags
4pk Greek Yoplait yogurt
Bag of Tangelos
Bag of Nectarines
Bag of Apples
Bag of Champagne grapes
Keebler Peanut Butter Cookies :heart_eyes:

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They have mangos that are delicious…
Melita #4 coffee filters
Strawberries , blueberries and blackberries galore!

Off topic but LOL re Nordy’s! I wear a size 11 women’s shoe so Nordy’s and I are close friends :slight_smile:

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Morningstar Bowls of orzo pasta, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, lemon…Thai yellow curry with jasmine rice and veggies…
These are $4.99+ at big box grocery stores…frozen and quite good.
250 calories too.

Bag of pears

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Cinnabon things of goodness…$5+ at other stores!
Pillsbury molten fudge cookies
Synders 8pk mini pretzels

El Charro 2 beef enchi, rice and beans
El Charro 2 cheese enchis, rice, beans

Kraft Mayo
Oscar Mayer Beef hot dogs bun length
Oscar Meyers turkey hot dogs!

Maui & Sons dark chocolate with coconut chips

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I get all my freezer bags made from Glad or Hefty…
Snack bags from Glade with the double lock sealer
Saran Wrap
Reynolds Foil wrap that is in the squares

My little second drawer is all gussied up with high end bags, lol, kind of like it’s mom!

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Finally got to my closest 99¢ store today. Pretty disappointing compared with the finds in this topic. I did come home with some Thai stiracha, oyster-flavored sauce, canned corned beef hash (it can’t kill me I hope), and some Chris & Pitts BBQ sauce (trying to relive an old memory). I assume inventories vary by location, but the other nearby location is only 2-3 miles from this one, so… ?

Find out Midlife when their produce comes in…mine is M-W-F and its out as soon as it arrives.
Some things are just random and if you see something that is an incredible deal, get a couple of them.

Don’t give up. . .these stores are a game changer and I talk with others in line and they have left the big corporate grocery stores…

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The produce section looked active, but we’re going to be away for several days so I wasn’t focused there. Next time.

Have fun in PS…
Are you going to LV for brunch?
Cheeky’s gets lots of love for breakfast/lunch too.

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Kids are planning everything. The one dinner is the only thing I’ve been consulted about. Checked LV and it seems beyond budget limits.

Cinna Bon
Tide yellow color bottle 12 washes
Bag of Anjou Pears
Bag of Pink Lady Apples
Progresso Clam Chowder