My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds

Gorgeous fruit ( in bags) yesterday. . persimmons, pears, apples, lemons and mangoes.

Godiva chocolate bars for .79 cents

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Our first ever visit…thanks to y’all. All the big glorious red bell peppers were 2/99cents! And my all lifetime favorite comfort food, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup ( I use milk instead of water), 25% bigger than the usual was 99 cents. Yippee. Thanks y’all.


Also just had for breakfast something new for us. Hormel bacon-sausage links. They cook up and eat like sausage but brown and taste more like bacon, which is the first ingredient. They come frozen and I’m going to buy more and keep in the freezer.

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Soup deals are incredible and I just got some Progresso Clam Chowder and Mushroom soup…with the name brand saltines…
Sometimes a soup and sandwich combo, is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Just got .99 cent Turkey bacon from Butterball and .99 cent on bacon, the real deal :pig:

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Between Costco, Trader blows, Sprouts and .99 cent store…who needs a big box store, unless for emergencies…

“Trader blows”??? Typo, autofill, or passive-aggressiveness??

I’m surprised cath. First time?

You said “Trader blows” :relieved:.

[quote=“Midlife, post:47, topic:1443”]
[/quote]There was nothing passive about that statement.

Love TJ but goes back 20+ years when our flight attendant friend would fly in from AZ, to stock up before TJ’s arrived in AZ, and she could never remember the name and she would always say ’ Take me to Trader blows or Trucker Jacks’…

Unconsciously, I still write it …nothing nefarious or passive-aggressive motives here.

Huge bag of gorgeous tangelos…
Herdez chicken breast Mex bowl…frozen
Kashi bars
Kellogg dark chocolate almond bars
Melita #4 natural coffee filters
4pk of Greek yogurt

6pk of Weigh Watchers Smart Ones, Cheese, egg and turkey bacon on english muffins…
Probably at Big Name Grocery store for $7+ but $.99 cents baby…all day long!

Gorgeous African Violets in a variety of colors and great to give as gifts with a gussied up ceramic or pottery vase…
Tons of Xmas ornaments.

.99 Cent Only Stores are fantastic to get underprivileged kids, toys, that a lot of precious children don’t get a gift to open from Santa for Xmas…

Last year they had the Pillow Pets for $1.99 and I bought 20 of them and kids went frigging nuts for them, since they could hold it like a stuffed animal and then go sleepy with it for naps and be comforted with their toy.
$20.00 can change a lot of kids life and it will make you feel so fantastic!


Wow, can’t believe I haven’t posted in this thread for so long!

Okay, second to last visit? A turkey bonanza. Butterball Keilbasa, and Johnsonville precooked turkey links. $4 at Ralphs, $1 there. I um… bought tons. And froze it all!

Overall, I am loving the guava paste they’ve been having there. 14 oz., great with cheese, sliced thinly on buttered toast or baked into a cookie. Or I’ll use it as a starter for jam, adding fresh fruit.

Hellman’s/Best Foods Light mayo (the blue top) 30oz jar, $1, yay.

I keep buying the rubbermaid big square takealongs. Perfect for storing food or, giving folks a batch of soup. If I get them back - great! But if not? At 50¢ a tub, they are nice enough to give but cheap enough, I don’t worry about tracking them -

OH and a half gallon of lactose free milk, Rockview, for $1. Petty awesome : )

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Just got back from my beloved .99 cent store and got the Guava Paste too…
Good ideas what to do with it.
Thanks happy!

Bag of gorgeous Tangelos…pears too!

Vitamin Water Iced Tea…2 for .99 cents
Hot Tamales
Heinz Yellow Mustard Big Bottle
3pk of Jif Peanut Butter
Maui Heirloom Tomt’s

Cracker Barrel Vermont extra sharp cheese…oh yeah bitches…Mama scored!

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Ooohhh jealous!

Just there today and got the Mio Black Cherry drink drops (love em).
Two packs of Louis Kemp Crab Delights, one pack of Louis Kemp lobster delights (whee!)

and my two best finds of the day?

Two, 3 pack bags of artichokes and, 2 16oz tubs of Oscar Mayer cracked pepper turkey cold cuts.

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sometimes they have orville reddenbacher popcorn

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OMG…P*nuttles Butter Toffee Sunflower kernels…
For the love of God, this is out friggin’ standing!
I want to use it in a butter lettuce salad with this and other veggies goodies.
.99 cent Only baby.

This could be the next trending thing…you’ve heard it here bitches…:stuck_out_tongue:


wait----the sunflower seeds are coated w/ butter toffee!!! OMG that sounds good.

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