N/soto - Mid-City

Temporary pop-up at the new toshizo watanabe culinary cultural center inside the japanese american cultural & community center in little tokyo, got that? good.

I liked that they required proof of vaccination.

head sergio ki kim
he’ll be with n/soto for the first couple months before he opens his own place in ktown.

sakizuke - nasubi, blue shrimp, snow pea

zensai - goya, kabocha, crudites, summer squash, campari

otsukuri - toro, sawara, samekawa

sumibiyaki - negima, butubara, gyutan

agemono - scallop kakiage, shishito, curry salt

shirumono - torijiru

osushi - zuke maguro, anago, uni

gohanmono/oshinko - ume ochazuke, nakazuke

mizukashii - melon float, azuki, nata de coco, shiratama


after-dinner bang #1 @ for the win

double cheeseburger add lettuce and tomato

after-dinner bang #2 @ needle

yau tiu, 8 spice, sugar, condensed milk
eaten out of the back of the car so that it’s still piping hot :fire: smog and noise pollution is a different story. @TheCookie, @CiaoBob


Was Yoji-san there at JACCC?

yep, he was there opening weekend. he was only making the sushi from what i could see.

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Hi @PorkyBelly !
Yah, the smog and 'sqitos can get really bad there.
What was your favorite bite of that double cheeseburger? We really appreciated the second and sixth bites on our 18th visit :heart: :blush: :heart:, that’s usually the bite when the sauce runs over our fingers. Our dear friends were in from Lubbock Texas, so off we went to ride a mechanical (load of) bull after the burger on our 225th visit.


So…no commentary on the n/soto meal? Damning with faint praise? Just a guess here (LOL) but, you didn’t get enough to eat/weren’t satisfied by it…I’m trying to decide whether I want to go or not.


It was quite good. Many (perfectly cooked) skewer dishes, and an exemplary kiakiage. Not a single bad bite, except the shoga (pickled ginger) for the sushi course was waay too strong. Overall, a lovely time.

It’s a reasonably-priced meal, held at a location with the purpose of highlighting Little Tokyo, at its cultural center. I find nothing to bash here.


Glad to hear it and thanks for the input. I trust your opinion, so will plan on giving it a try.

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Late October menu

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hello! can someone tell me how long the entire meal is from start to finish? Under 1.5 hrs? Trying to see scheduling wise how long this would take probably if you skip drinks.

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Hi Rodeogig, welcome to FTC!

The meal, to the best of my recollection, clocks in at around 1.5 - 2 hours.

BUT know that everyone at the seating time is offered an aperatif. Even if one chooses to skip imbibing the drinks beforehand, the dinner service (first course) will regardless start at the same time for everyone.

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I’d be sorta in a rush if I went, so not sure how these tasting menus work… but does everyone at the 10 course table eat at the same time or if 1-2 people are eating quicker than everyone they get their next item earlier than everyone? ideally 1.5 hours would be better than 2 hours.

Example: If one group of 2-3 is taking their time drinking and eating the food slowly, meanwhile others are eating faster. Does everyone constantly get the food items once EVERYONE is finished?

sorry if that’s confusing!

Good question. As there are (intentionally, I’d imagine) not too many diners per seating at this event, I recall everyone being served every course at around the same time.

Of course, the undertone here is that presentation of course is timed this way so that the kitchen workflow is optimized. Everyone finishes the meal around the same time.

If you’re in a rush, maybe you can ask the FOH for consideration to your situation at the time of check-in, or even contact n/soto before your scheduled date there.

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From my single experience there so far, the restaurant is large enough that they are able to serve different parties at different times. In our case, we arrived later than the parties seated next to us at the counter and finished before them. Our courses were served to us at our own pace, and the speed of service was not not dependent on what other parties were doing.


This was my experience. We took the whole time but other parties did not.

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looking back at my timestamped pictures it took us 1.5 hours from getting seated to dessert.

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two questions

  1. are there any extra add ons for the meal one could add?? and are they worth it?

  2. is this the type of menu that we will be left hungry after eating it?? noticed someone had burgers or something after the meal

LOL I think the meal at JACCC was just fine in terms of satisfying portions. It’s just that many of us here on FTC just have abnormally spacious gullets.


opens 4/16. review forthcoming…?