Netflix: La Divina Gula / Heavenly Bites: Mexico

I laughed out loud at some of these over-the-top dishes.

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Charitos FTW!!!

I actually need to watch that Episode. God… those are the best snack on their own… I can’t even imagine them getting the Tosti-Locos treatment. But luckily other Mexicans can… LOL!!

I have only seen the Tortas one which instantly sent P and I to get a Chilaquilles Burrito the following day… But these are very well done and are inspiring all manner of memes…


I cdmx I got a bollilo with a tamale in the middle of it, it was tasty but a huge carb bomb lol

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Yep! I’ve had the Bolillo con Tamale in Mexico City as well. The thing about the Bolillo’s in Mexico is that they are LIGHT as air. So the one had wasn’t heavy as all. If anything, it was an excellent way to transport a wonderful tamale and an additional bit of salsa and eat standing up. We have some excellent Bolillos around town (I favor the classic Pacific French Bakery for theirs) but none quite as ethereal as the ones in Mexico. It’s like the Tortilla problem we have…