New ramen coming to pasadena

FTCer Sgee alerted the board about it back in October… (Though it’s always good to have an update)

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supposed to open december 18th

update: according to the article, might be delayed a few days while things get shipped from japan.

i just looked and saw the update referring to ‘key ingredients’. i have to admit that i’m now wondering how long does it take to ship something from japan nowadays when sushi places have their fish flown in overnight. if there’s so much of it that sending it by air is impractical, where do they intend to store it when it gets here?

sounds a little fishy to me, no pun intended.

Has there been any word on the actual open date for this? I took a poke through google looking for a phone number, but nothing seems to be up yet…

December 23rd is the new opening date according to an Instagram post.

Anyone have time to give this a run between opening and new years? I sure will.