Newfoundland Chow Mein is a Quintessentially Canadian-Chinese Dish

"About three hours into our drive, we stopped in a town called Deer Lake, about 30 minutes past Corner Brook. It was time for lunch. Just off the highway, sandwiched between an A&W and a Subway, was a white trailer-style building. The word “CANTON” was painted in big block letters in red on the side of the building. Next to it, the Chinese simplified characters for “Guangdong.”

My husband Anthony needed another break from Chinese. There was a pizza place down the road, he said. He’d wait for me there. As I pulled open the door, a handmade sign caught my eye. “Chow mein on our menu is cabbage,” it read."

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So well written


I’ve added the book to my list. :slight_smile:

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Me too! And I’ve requested it from my library…

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You think? It’s a cool story, but I could not get past all the “veggies.” And making “umami” into an adjective.

now i’m not saying i’d like to eat it! but i did like how it was written. the tech industry has been changing the tenses on words for a while now -i barely noticed