No pizza stone, cast iron pan instead?

I left my pizza stone over my sisters house can I use a cast iron pan instead?

Oops wrong thread.

That’s cool - even serendipitous perhaps…

Maybe we can ask everyone out there if there are any worthy L.A. restaurant pizzas made using a cast-iron pan?

This is a good point… HOWEVER, the bread recipes that I follow frequently call for a pizza stone or a dutch oven (and I don’t think it’s just b/c the dutch oven has a lid, although I imagine that’s a big part of it) SO… I therefore conclude that a cast iron pan would be “okay.”

Ha. Good idea

Should I put a lid on it then?

Are you baking pizza? If so, I wouldn’t use the lid (since the reason for using the lid when baking bread is to capture the steam to help w/ crust formation).

Post your results! :slight_smile:

check out this old Slice/Serious Eats article that covers baking pizzas on an inverted cast iron pan under your broiler.

I decided to wait. I went online and looked at some finished product and didn’t like the look of the crust.

This is all I have been using now! My sister won’t give the dang stone back. LOL


Have you tried any pan pizzas? I am particularly find of Detroit style. IMHO Peter Reinhart has perfected the art, Peter Reinhart discusses how to create the perfect pan pizza | 2019-02-08 | Bake Magazine, and I highly recommend his book, “Perfect Pan Pizza”. Full disclosure he is an old friend, but he has the techniques down. I am still a thin crust or Neapolitan guy, but every so often the urge for a thick, crusty, cheesy, topping laden pie hits.


Cast-iron pans work fine. A professional baker I know uses them to make pizza at home.

Detroit-style pizza should be baked in the correct pan.

I have a Lloyds pan, but it makes way too much for the two of us. I use a standard 8X8 Wilton cake pan and it turns out great. Not quite as good as the Lloyds, but still a great pie

The 10x14 makes three portions in my house. For four I need to add something else to the menu.

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You have heartier appetites than we do. The 8X8 leaves us with 1/4 leftover. Part of getting old and being locked up in the house. No exercise, no appetite.

I’m thinking of changing from the pizza stone to the steel . Any thoughts . Thanks .

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Before the Roccbox, and currently when I finish bread I sandwich the stone with the steel on top of it. Works great.

On the bottom is my bread insert.


Genius .

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Not really, but thanks.

No, sadly my bread game is whack. I just get the dough from trader joes or sorrento. maybe, I’ll learn to make it.

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