Not really sure if it's a "me" problem

… but I feel like this Board has become increasing hostile and clique-y. I’ll still be checking the Board since there’s great info here, but I don’t really think I want to be an active participant in such an environment.

Good eating to all.


And unfortunately for a non-LA person there’s not a lot to learn here. I’m trying to stick to HC and to give some info when we eat out. It sometimes - not by any means all the time - seems like anything other than “atta-boy” can get a little dicey.

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Agreed - I still get something out of this board, but unfortunately the active posters have many “ins” for the food scene - how many of us can go to Shunji on a weekly basis or rub shoulders with the regulars for private events? I still thank all of the posters for all they’ve taught me and definitely will still be checking in, but it’s an intimidating environment to post in.


I think only a handful of regular posters know each other. I don’t think anyone should be bothered by that. I’m not sure I’ve met any of them in real life.

Please flag posts that seem uncivil. That’s usually contrary to the terms of service. This board is for talking about food, not other posters.


I feel it is valuable to get reports on restaurants from a variety of people on this board, including those that are just “regular” folks like me. Please don’t stop posting!


On that subjects, if there’s already a ‘report’ on a restaurant I’ve suggested that people add their own to that post. But many don’t. And that’s considered acceptable. It seems to foster exclusivity. Like ‘okay, you posted but mine is surely better so I’m going to start a new thread.’

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I always add mine to other people’s threads, but I suppose everyone has their reasons…


I understand it can be intimidating for some to post in here. There are some incredibly knowledgeable posters here…but they still go smash some Del Taco late night, and suck on their fingers after eating a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos like the rest of us!


I doubt OP will reply so maybe I can I don’t think that is their point. The quote:

“… but I feel like this Board has become increasing hostile and clique-y”

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I think there is a good mix of the high and low on this Board. I can’t afford to eat out every night at expensive restaurants, but I do splurge on occasion for special occasions or when entertaining for business, so I appreciate reading about the expensive restaurants because nothing pisses me off more than spending a lot of money on middling expensive food (worst example – Cosme in NYC – extremely expensive mediocre food).

But you also find cheap eats on this Board. My mainstays are Green Olive on Santa Monica Blvd. and Sepulveda (best cheap Middle Eastern food I’ve had); Buna Ethiopian on Fairfax and Roman pizza at Eataly (some days better than others and you have to get them to heat it). I also recently discovered that you can kind of get free corkage at Eataly. Bought a bottle of wine at the wine bar and didn’t feel like sitting there, so took it over to the pizza stand seating area. The light went off - nothing to stop me from walking in with my own bottle of wine since no one pays attention to you in the self-seating areas of Eataly. If you don’t feel like bringing your own wine glasses just buy a $12 glass of Barbaresco (actually the best cheap wine I have had in awhile) at the pizza station and save the glass for what you bring from your cellar. :slight_smile:


Please see my comment above. I think it’s a different point entirely.

Also @robert I’ve mentioned this before but would like to again. If someone posts about a restaurant and there’s already a post about the same place, I think it would be good to move it to the OP. IMO that would possibly help with the clique-ish-ness.

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I am munching on leftover KFC as I read this.


I’m as un-clique-y and completely classless :slight_smile: as one can be. Plus I have little to contribute except to cheap eats.

I hope you’ll reconsider.


To me anyway this has nothing to do with eating expensive food.

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I think @paranoidgarliclover is a great contributor.
I don’t go high-end often. This board is a great review of all things in the LA\OC region. I’m not going to get caught up if some posters don’t adhere to whatever style I want them to post in…that’s just petty. I like what this community has to offer me and those who live in this region.
I actually love hearing about small places that you folks find along the way.


I told you fucking fucks to stop posting pictures of your toilets or else shit like this would happen.


Hmm, interesting point. Perhaps the site should just be changed to Los Angeles. I’m guessing all participants would be happier.

Food forums are serious business.

Please continue to contribute. (Ideally only about LA in the forum explicitly titled Los Angeles.) If people are pricks, let it go. It’s the internets.


yes, please don’t leave.


I don’t see any hostility. It’s just a food website . Maybe someday I’ll be back to visit LA . Westside gal turned me onto Sergio .There is no other place than this if your traveling to LA and seeking advice on restaurants.