NYT: The Decline of ‘Big Soda’

I think Berkeley passing the soda tax (three to one despite “Big Soda” spending over $20 per voter) has less to do with people being super-liberal than with people being more informed about food and more aware that corporations will sell poison if it’s profitable.

It was also thanks to intense community outreach to less educated voters (largely funded by Michael Bloomberg).

Companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been adding still beverages to their portfolios to make up for the loss in soda revenues (Coca-Cola took over Honest Teas, for example). I had read somewhere that North America still makes up their biggest consumer of soda… I know people that are closet soda drinkers and it seems that it has to do with the stigma associated with soda (being overweight/unhealthy). They say things like, “I only drink Coke when I am really craving it…” or when they order they’ll say, “I haven’t had soda in a long time.” Dude, I’m not judging. Knock yourself out. I know you have a 12-pack in the fridge.