On Sam Sifton

I gotta confess that I’ve become rather fascinated by Sam Sifton’s thrice-weekly pieces in the NYT food section.

Yes, they’re a basic recipe roundup of new ideas and some older ones, but here’s what gets me: at the end of each he includes interesting, obscure, intriguing links. Occasionally they’re food-related, most often they’re not.

A couple of recent ones:

And the one that has had me spending far too much time staring at a screen:a link to The Stacks Reader (now I can’t recall what piece he originally linked to , though!). (Seriously, spend some time scrolling through the site.)



This is fascinating/disconcerting (from Sifton’s What to Cook this Weekend):


Totally not food-related (though the author did write “The Snakehead” which was about immigration, New York’s Chinatown, and some stuff about east coast Chinese restaurants), but an intriguing read:

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