Oriel Chinatown

You can’t miss it. Right under the Gold Line track with that neon lighting looking like something out of Blade Runner. They are a wine bar with French bistro eats. Not much of a drinker so I can’t tell you much about the wine. I came for the food. This place would be perfect for a relaxing date night.

The menu

I already had some noodles a few hours before so I didn’t go for the meat-fish dishes on the bottom of the menu.

Frisée Salad. Sherry, croutons, lard ons, and an egg. Nicely dressed and flavored but the egg yolk was overcooked unfortunately.

Duck In A Jar. You are going to want to get this!! The pate had some clove-cinnamon notes that went perfect with the onion jam and grain mustard. Make sure you get a little of the jam and mustard on each bite. Wonderful dish.

Service was great from Paola, who is quite a foodie herself. Next time she recommends I get the fish and Parisian Gnocchi.

And ahem a much comfortable dining experience than Petit Trois.


Yeah, the Loup de Mer is great. That skin!

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This sounds like my perfect place. Thank you!

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I’m surprised nobody cares about this place here. Our 1 visit was super fun.
Homage bang bang might be on today


I’m talking to myself just as much as anyone else… even more so because this place is exactly our kink.

I’m embarrased for our city after our third visit to Oriel one of which was just for drinks. As much as we crave simple neighborhood style bistro food with affordable wines. As much as we moan and complain that this is what LA is missing and every time we travel we focus on gorging ourselves at places like this… As much as we research, hunt reservations and force other spots to be like this one with eventual disappointment… it just sits there for years and years… in a retro futuristic setting under a monorail… no I swear I’m not coming for anyone with my rant… I just had a moment of clarity there recalling every time I’ve gone off the rails about our lack of basic French options

It’s gorgeous and cozy and so fun. The owner is chill as hell and the food is fantastic. I’m mad that we haven’t been going more. Places like this might not have any skills at generating hype and that might be the issue but we must be the gourmands we think we are and drive some butts in their seats. Taking a friend there for birthday next week too. No reservations. none needed. Try and sit in the bar room.

Menu recently revamped though there was nothing wrong with it before.

photos pending

Perfect lyonnaise frisée with lightly candied lardons and runny yolk mixing in with wine vinegar for the sauce

Duck liver jar was so surprising with slight sweetness and distinct cinnamon aroma I would never think would work but it’s just right. Mousse silliness

Interesting butter under perfect Galician sardines with harissa kick. White vinegar splashes as needed for contrast

A satisfying Tatarsky with sour bread

They opted to change up Duck confit into something I was obsessed with. They do a really good shepherds pie with it with golden potato and gruyere. Big flavor. Would eat another

Something something chocolate for her

So so many bang bang opportunities too with Homage being my preference

Opted for a snacky dinner so didn’t get into the classic Bavette and loup de mere entres


Thanks for posting this will bookmark it for later!

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i’ve always wanted to go but have never made time. i’ll go soon.


Love this place and such a cool vibe to it. Then again, I tend to really like anything they (the Covell team) do.


I feel dumb but had I known it was the covell team I’d have gone some time ago :frowning:

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That looks so good. Look at the color of the egg yolk on that tartare! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a great menu. Added to my short list.

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Wtf. It is??? Now we’re both feeling that way

What’s up dude!

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That’s what Papilles in Hollywood did for years before shuttering.

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Yes I went to papilles a lot. Food was great. Clearly Oriel is a better atmosphere

Warrior: For day 3 of my diet I chose Oriel. First time here. Good food, better than my last meal at Petit Trois (skewed by pasta that wasn’t al dente). A glass of Sancerre tasted like Sancerre. 3.8 Warrior Points.

Peony [still at conference; Warrior as proxy]: I enjoyed tonight’s meal. I found all the dishes a little basic and traditional for my tastes. The mussels are not as good as Jiangxi river mussels.

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Sad to report the duck confit parmenier slipped last night… lots of uneatable duck pieces and no discernible cheese on top. I think was Gruyère last few visits

Good happy hour toasts and wine though