Osteria Mozza - Hancock Park

The wine list is my favorite thing in LA.

extremely delicious new seasonal dishes, nancy can do no wrong at the mozzarella bar.

me when corn, peaches, tomatoes, and jimmy nardellos are on the menu

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(new) burrata & jimmy nardello peppers, grilled corn & ventricina crostini

this had a lot going on but it all worked, sweet, spicy creamy, delicious.

(new) burrata & pane al pomodoro, early girl tomatoes, speck, pickled ramps

this was almost like a pan con tomate with super sweet tomatoes that i could have just eaten plain, the speck and burrata were a nice bonus. the pickled ramps for a bite of acid was brilliant.

(new) summer panzanella, market tomatoes, cucumbers, feta & yogurt

more super sweet tomatoes balanced with the flavorful dressing and feta. using olive bread for the croutons was a nice touch.

nancy’s caesar, egg, leek & anchovy crostini

pappardelle with rabbit ragù

(new) french toast, roasted peaches, butter pecan gelato, barrel-aged maple syrup

this was great. edges of the french toast were caramelized and crispy. like a peach cobbler but make it 11.


Haven’t been in so long but have to go back!

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Gee, that looks like a great meal. Well done. I should definitely go.

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Going tmrw. We’re two small ish diners and are in a pasta mood. (We hardly ever get secondis) How would y’all tackle the menu?

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If the web menu is current I’d have a hell of a time making up my mind.

the tagliolini “da francescana” is my favorite pasta on the menu.

for two I would order one or two seasonal items from the mozzarella bar, nancy’s caesar, tagliolini, and sweet corn cappellacci. french toast or strawberry gelato pie for dessert.


That’s what we were leaning towards! The validation we needed

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now im getting hungry and want to go

Great suggestions. Went with anchovy mozz, cesar, tuna tartare, pig trotter (the highlight), capeletti and oriechette.

Fantastic spot. Can’t believe we hadn’t been yet but always great when an institution lives up to the rep


Are they serving :bread: again?

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Sat at the mozzarella bar last night and this was the bite of the night with Nancy’s Caesar not far behind. I also absolutely love her fennel sausage which was delicious in the orecchiette. The prosciutto and pear starter was good, but the pear was a touch under ripe.


any carabineros prawn sightings?

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