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Hi, everyone! I also used to use Chowhound before it became rather dead following the last reorganization, and used to value it for its former focus on cheap eats. Now I value this site and Hungry Onion, which seem pretty complementary to me, and I’m also a longtime member of eGullet, which though it lacks much restaurant discussion in its New York Forum nowadays still has a core of committed cooks who have a lot of knowledge and interesting things to say. In addition to Food Talk Central, what other forums do you like, and why? Also, do you know of any good forums that specifically focus on hot sauces or other more or less narrowly-defined savory items?

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None , other than FTC, and Ho.

Jim Leff could be a PITA but the focus on undiscovered, cheap food was terrific. I wish this board had more interest in these types of food.

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Undiscovered food? In the age of Yelp?

I rarely look at yelp except when it and tripadvisor are pretty much the only things that show up. Does yelp get into the underbelly :slight_smile:

Surprisingly or not, far from everything is on Yelp.

What kind of things have you not found on Yelp?

This might be more of a regional/urban thing. In the SFBA, even the most under the radar, solely immmigrant community-serving, places get on yelp within a few months. Though, it may take a. a while before a new business is listed as “hot and new”. Pop-ups and other legally iffy or ephemeral enterprises might remain under the radar.

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I’ve found restaurants that weren’t on Yelp and were good.


Tieba (or 貼吧) and Douban (or豆瓣)

There’s a Chinese language Silicon Valley food group on Facebook 矽谷美食名嘴天團 (I read via google translate).

I don’t recall where, but I believe it was during my trip to California this summer.

robert, I think this should be the subject of a thread. I know I’VE spot checked a couple of places :slight_smile: