Paris Recs

Any neighborhoods (arrondissement) that are family friendly, have good food?

Also any can’t miss restaurants that we should hit?


Oh please yes. We’ll be there for a few days in May and would love to know anyone’s can’t miss places. Not stupidly expensive please :slight_smile:

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I would post it on HO as they have a quite active Paris (France) board


I really liked Frenchies Bar a Vin but FTG (Frenchies To Go) has great Espresso, pastries and some fantastic sandwiches (house smoked pastrami is so good)

We stumbled into les philosophes and really enjoyed it, Good family friendly dinner spot. It is pretty hopping and tight but the owner is serious about doing food the right way. Classics done well. Cafeine reservations new | rphunter

Different style place but my brother had one of his wedding events here but nice atmosphere beautiful room, more widely spaced tables

Also Fulgrances reminds me of a better version of early Kato. They feature up and coming Chefs or #2’s at big restaurants who a residency of a month or two with a small tasting menu at a good price.

French Bastards (a small Paris Bakery that’s grown to several locations) has excellent pastries and sandwiches.

HolyBelly, for Breakfast and Lunch; Family friendly

The Magazine (and website) Le Fooding is a great resource for Paris Les meilleurs restaurants à Paris et partout en France - Fooding ®

And if you like Jazz def hit up 38 Riv for Jazz in an underground cave in Paris :slight_smile:

Good Arabic food in Paris too such as: L’As du Fallafel which is super popular to grab something to go.

Another great resource for Paris is David Lebovitz


This is super helpful thanks for recs, I’ll check out that magazine too! Will report back!

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My in-laws loved Pantagruel on their last visit (before it received a Michelin star)

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Friends who visited recently raved about Clamato.


Septime is their sister restaurant and his wife is the chef owner of Le Servan


I was reading on hungry onion servan was quite popular but its French Thai food, it seems intriguing but also too far out there I’ve only been to Paris once for about a day or so.

So here is my opinion and that’s all it is, an opinion but younger French Chefs seem to be exploring a more personal cuisine and international flavors are really seeping into places they weren’t in the past, Paris has very good Arab, Algerian, Moroccan, among other regional African cuisine, Thai; There are several Japanese Chefs working upscale restaurants some as owners as well. It’s a good time to eat in Paris

Le Fooding is the magazine of what’s been called the Bistronomy movement of Chefs leaving fine dining to open these kind of less formal, seasonal, personal places. A lot of these Chefs come from the kitchens of Alan Passard (Aperge), Pascal Barbot (Astrance), Stephane Jego (L’ami Jean) -Highly recommended but prolly very hard to get into, Yves Camdebord (Le Comptoir); Inaki Aizpitarte (who is friends with Ludo) ect. For example Tatiana Levha (Le Sevran) and Bertand Grebaut (Septime, La Cave, Clamato) meet at the Aperge and Levha also worked under Pascal Barbot at Astrance

Others to look out for are Sota Atsumi who worked for Robuchon then became famous as chef of Clown Bar and now has Maison Sota
Chef Dai Shinozuka who worked for Yves Camdeborde (one of the godfathers of Bistronomy) and now owns LES ENFANTS ROUGES | Site officiel, avis, réservation en ligne

Just something to think about! Of course there is still great French fine dining as well as more traditional French food (I think I included 1 or 2 in the other post) and the David Lebovitz link includes more!


This is an awesome rec! I’ll check out le fooding and I would rather have less stuffy more casual new age restaurants I’ll check out the ones you mentioned.

But this being my first real time in Paris I might check out some of the good oldies too!

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And if you really want to go local you can try a ‘French Taco’ which is really more of an North African burrito lol

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And drink lots of wine!

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I wouldn’t take kids to Frenchie’s Bar a Vin, or go back myself. I ate very well there but as detailed in the topic I linked to it wasn’t very comfortable or very French.

Au Coin de Malte is family- and budget-friendly. Happened across it because we randomly stayed in a hotel around the corner.

Le Wepler is a solid bistro - not in any way mindblowing, but it’s open until 30 minutes past midnight and does all the classics well (solid seafood tower, pig trotter, escargot, onion soup, baba au rhum, crepes suzette flambeed tableside, etc. etc.). good backup option

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Not sure what family friendly means…
Here is our last fall trip Paris report - Pages, Granite, Montee, Flocon - France - Hungry Onion
Also, my daughter (who first dined in Paris as a 10 year old - L’Ami Jean was her favorite back then) now visited as an adult (sort of) and really enjoyed Les Parisiens and Origines
Lots of useful info on Hungry Onion
Topics tagged paris


Thanks beam I joined and have been perusing and posting there!

I’ll look at your thread and get back to you with specific questions about places!

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I plan on that for sure!

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Sorry - I now see that family friendly means 2 year old. Forget anything I said…

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