Pellet Grills -- Thoughts?

I’ve been hoarding gift cards and I’ve been wondering what to blow it on.

A pellet grill seems interesting. Comparisons with a small gas grill is very welcome, but I’m avoiding charcoal. I was a charcoal grill snob for a long time, but with kiddo and a very small patio space I think dealing with the coals, fire, ash, etc., would keep me from using the grill as often as I’d hope to.

Anyone have some experience with these? I’d appreciate any information from this group.

You mean one of these?

Yep. Those are the ones. I’ve read that article and a few others. I want to see if this community has any personal experience with them since I trust this particular hive mind.

I have a Traeger I picked up at a yard sale for $ 70. Compared to my Webber or barrel smoker you cant beat it for how easy they are to use . No checking the coals , or wood . Set it and go . I have put a water pan in the bottom when doing ribs . The smoke is a little lighter on meats than using a barrel smoker . I use mine all the time just for the ease . It holds a solid temperature when doing a long low and slow barbecue . I really like doing lamb ribs on it . If you pick one up look for Green Mountain pellets , they produce the nicest smoke flavor .


After seeing that they’re good enough to rate a top 10 list on Serious Eats, I want one.

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Nothing wrong with a pellet smoker. It produces good enough results to use in BBQ competitions.

I personally gave mine away because I didn’t use it very often. But a pellet smoker sounds like a great option if you prefer convenience. They do offer ones that have a direct grilling option in addition to indirect for reverse searing.

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Thanks @Emglow101 and @A5KOBE. Thanks for the advice.

I’m eyeballing the Grilla and the Camp Chef, but I am a bit concerned about size. I’m trying not to turn the little patio into a BBQ kitchen because I want my wife to continue to speak to me. Any word on a good compact model?

Also, is searing possible by simply heating a cast iron pan in the grill and using that?

Agreed. I’m excited to get into BBQ again.

I have the smallest Traegar . Holds plenty .

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Perfect. I’ll
Let you guys know how it all turns out. I appreciate the guidance.

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That portable Green Mountain looks like all the bells and whistles in a small package.

I’d have bought one already if I could figure out where to store it.

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I’m on the opposite side. I’d have already purchased it if it had more a more robust stand. I’d like to just leave the unit on the patio.

Which one did you purchase ? Was it the Green Mountain .

About to pull the trigger. I want to lock down a stand or table to jury-rig a stable pedestal for the unit.