Recommend me a pellet smoker (2.0?)

Decided not to resurrect this thread and to start a new one instead (especially since my budget is certainly different).
Isolation makes it easier to find time for some cooking experiments. I guess this type interested me because you could just set the temp and walk away. So, what’s everyone uses? Has anything changed since the last thread? We’ve been eyeing Traegers lately, are these still OK?

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I have a Traeger and would recommend. Its the only pellet smoker I’ve ever used or owned so have no basis to compare to other products. Great success smoking baby back ribs, whole chicken, pork butt, beef short ribs and sausages. In hindsight I would have purchased the model with the app compatability to check temperature if I’m not at home, change settings, alerts, etc…

I want to cook a brisket but 16-18 hours is a long cook and I’m paranoid something would go wrong when I fall sleep at night.

Definitely buy a small dust buster or vacuum dedicated to the Traeger to clean up the dust and ash after every smoke. This is very important to good maintenance.


I was tempted by this one when I saw it a few weeks ago, but we already have a smoker we hardly ever use.

I use a traeger pellet smoker purchased from Costco. It’s probably frowned on by some, but I’ve had good results with it and am more interested in the final product than in the process.


We picked up a pellet smoker/grill from Costco. I think it’s Louisiana Grills or something like that. It’s worked out pretty well for us. We fill the hopper with the Traeger pellets. Success with the following:
Short ribs
Whole chickens
I also smoked pico de gallo/salsa items to make a fantastic smoked salsa.


@attran99, smoked salsa sounds awesome! Any chance you want to share the recipe?

No specific recipe, but I toss 1 onion (root removed and halved), tomatoes (cored and halved), peeled garlic, and your choice of peppers (stems removed) in salt, pepper, oregano, and oil. Place everything in a pan and toss it in the smoker for about 30-45 minutes. Make sure the tomato halves are face up so they can absorb the smoke flavor. Toss the garlic, half of the tomatoes, and the peppers (remove the seeds if you want) in a food processor or a VitaMix and pulse to your desired consistency. Chop the other half of the tomatoes and combine in a bowl with the pulsed salsa and chopped cilantro and green onion. Add lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.


Thanks @attran99, smoked salsa (deviated a bit from your recipe)


Looks delicious!

I highly recommend a pitts & spitts smoker. I have their pellet version. made in Texas and built like a beast

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