Photos show raw meat being wheeled into 99 Ranch Market with Costco cart

I guess they don’t use cage-free meat

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So the uproar is over, what exactly? Someone walking off with a Costco cart?

Yeah, I’d be pissed too.

At peak times, those carts are hard to find at Costco.

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If only he carried it on his shoulders like a trendy butcher or mopeds in Vietnam

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It would have been easier if they used the flat bed cart to give the meat more space.

Speaking Saturday morning to The Bee, Maria Moon, office manager at Jim’s Farm Meat … said she can’t explain why the two employees – shown in the photos carting the raw meat into the store – would have removed the meat from the wrap and cardboard combo bins where she said the pork generally is housed during delivery. She said both employees have been fired.

Also why are they doing deliveries through the front door??

Who knows? Not the meat distributor who fired those guys.