Pizza in Glendale?

Im heading out to Glendale later and was told to check out Ozzy’s Apizza…a New Haven varietal…anyone here have any intel on Ozzy’s?


Clam pie there is legit. Coal fired crust is good too. Almost as good as I recall from New Haven. The tomato sauce on the purist red pie is not as good as their East Coast equivalent. But I think Ozzy’s is worth a try.


thanks JL…thats good enough for me! will report back later


This the joint with the horse racing betting palace behind it?

???..dont know

JL, thanks again for the endorsement…would love to try the clam pie one day…just got back from Ozzy’s Apizza…very good…not coal fired, thats illegal in LA county and most of the state, I think…its modern oven, wood burning…they warn the customers the pies come well done(as is New Haven style), and the pie had a nicely charred crust, very thin.but still with some chew…very tasty, juicy fennel sausage…a tangy sauce(maybe a bit over sauced)…very nice outdoor space…overall, Id give it a 9…fotos to come!


The Derby Room is the horse racing place next to Ozzy’s Apizza. Seems like a nice spot to watch the Kentucky Derby in a few months.


ah, I didnt see it…

Thanks for the report back! And the valuable intel on the crust!


Do they have slices available?


nope, just pies

For my tastes, Ozzy’s is not good. I can’t find anything positive to say. Everything from ingredient quality (tasteless clams and cheese) to crust (nothingness) is unappealing. I wasn’t enthralled by New Haven pizza when I went there 20 years ago, but it was much better than this.

hmmm…to each his own


Had this last year before the hype, and still no idea what to make of it. Wanted to really like it, especially as I love New Haven style, but this wasn’t that…


I don’t think coal ovens are illegal at the state level in California. Tony Gemignani added one to one of his shops in San Francisco.

I don’t think coal per se should matter if you can find some other way to get to 1000 degrees. It’s not like wood where the smoke is in the oven and affects the flavor.

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coal oven’s, like the one at Tony Gemignani’s in North Beach, is grandfathered in from the old bakery that was previously there…pretty sure state environmental laws forbid it…Tony probably had to really push to keep that coal oven…can wood burn at 1,000 degrees?

And, major controversy in NYC as last week it was announced that new pollution regulations will force about 300 places with coal burning ovens will have to install expensive “scrubbers” to limit the ovens pollution!

Gemignani installed both wood and coal ovens when he built the place out. The space was previously a deli.

There are gas and electric pizza ovens that claim to be able to reach 1000 degrees.

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pretty sure he told me something about his coal oven being grandfathered in…maybe bc there was already a coal oven(pretty sure he told me there was a bakery there), he could put in a new coal oven…

we clearly have different opinions about this…I would wholeheartedly disagree with you! I mean seriously, you say you dont like New Haven style so…

Re:NYC Coal thing

That has been in place since 2016 and restaurants had until 2020 to get it installed. Than the pandemic happened and it was pushed back. This is already been done in Italy and I am sure the neighbors above the restaurants appreciate this added measure to protect their health. Yes it sucks because it’s more $$$ and maybe the city can help with that.

This whole thing was hijacked by the far-right arguing about “freedom” instead of being a public health and environmental issue.