Hat tip to Depths of Wikipedia.

I’ve seen pizza topped with ziti in Manhattan. So there’s precedent!


I don’t want to offend somebody, but it looks awful

They’ve had ziti pizza in the outer boroughs since the 1990s. Salad pizza. Chicken parm pizza. Somebody must be ordering them.

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If you remember Pizza by the Inch (or something like that) on University, no, wait, 4th Ave., years ago, they sold a Caesar salad pizza, and I actually ordered a slice. Not recommended.

Yup. My friend was involved with one of these places. I think it might have been called Pinch - pizza by the inch. I’m not sure if this was the same place though. Similar-ish concept to Il Romanista but not nearly as good.

The general concept was a smart one, though. Maybe I want to try three different kinds, but I don’t want three big slices. But yeah, not very good.