PNW JOJOS and Shakey’s Mojos

Over on HO, a user posted a link to an article about Jojos:

Then on the Mini Kabob thread here, @foodshutterbug posted a photo of the restaurant’s famous potatoes:

And @bruins commented that they look like Shakey’s Mojos:

And here are those Mojo potatoes:

And here’s a ten-year old blog post about Jojos that also mentions Mojos:

And now I want some.


@ElsieDee Shakey’s Japan posted their Mojo potatoes recipe in Japanese on Twitter, but a news site translated it into English and published it here: Shakey’s Japan releases Mojo Potato recipe to keep home cooks happy during coronavirus outbreak | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

As for Mini Kabob’s fried potatoes, they might look similar to Shakey’s fried potatoes, but they don’t have the breaded crust like on the famed pizza parlor’s version.