Pomona’s, London W2: ‘It’s pretty much a distillation of everything that sets my

Interesting review of a London/Notting Hill restaurant that’s going for the SoCal vibe. Weird choice of a name, though.

From the restaurant “About” page:

"Pomonas Restaurant and Bar brings a piece of South California to London with all day dining from 10am Monday to Saturday and from noon on Sundays. We combine a Californian wine selection with our signature cocktails and a menu that takes the culinary keynotes of modern West Coast cooking and delivers them using the best British produce.

With our emphasis on fresh vegetables, grains and charcoal cooked meat & seafood we capture the essence of modern California in the heart of W2, a few minutes from Notting Hill Gate and the legendary Portobello Market."

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Pomona’s… South California… is as bright as aVenice Beach morning… and coriander leaves (annoyingly translated into SoCal “cilantro”).

What’s wrong with these elements of the picture being drawn here? :wink:

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I wonder if they know that Pomona is like the armpit of SoCal…


I did one of those to and fro head tilts that dogs do when I saw that name and what it’s supposed to conjure up. Pomona’s? Why not Barstow’s Tiki Lounge?


I think of the pectin they have at whole foods that seems overly complicated. lol

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