crappy pictures, delicious food. providence is a solid 2 stars in my book. highlights were the uni egg, shrimp pasta, cod, salmon, wagyu, all the desserts especially the “foie gras” trompe l’oeil.

amuse bouche 1 - yelowtail fume, snap peas

amuse bouche 2 - scallop taco (scallop tartar, sushi rice, nasturtium)

amuse bouche 3 - smoked salmon

amuse bouche 4 - mussel

amuse bouche 5 - box crab, avocado, kaffir lime, nori powder

amuse bouche 6 - morro bay oyster, nasturtium oil

amuse bouche 7 - wagyu cigar

hiramasa, persimmon vinegar, shiso, satsuma


nori butter, salt

salt-roasted santa barbara spot prawn, rosemary, lemon, extra-virgin olive oil

coleman farms celtuce, geoduck clam, dungeness crab, osetra caviar

uni egg - sea urchin, champagne beurre blanc, brioche croutons
i’d like to meet the hen that laid this egg

santa barbara spot prawn, shady lady tomato, xo
highlight of the night, basically a whole spot prawn wrapped in pasta.

big island abalone, morel, genmai cha

black cod, artichoke, mint

california troll-caught king salmon, fava beans, asparagus, rhubarb

a5 wagyu, satsuma imo, kelp, mustard

cheese, mulberries, apricots

raspberry shiso, cherry blossom, coconut

blood orange, citrus sorbet, sesame

ban this dessert - harry’s berries strawberries, pistachio
the appearance and texture were spot on, even comes with a “brioche” on the side that tasted like a kouign amann, brilliant.


5955 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038


So they renovated their restroom and now offers only one freshly baked bread? Butter also went from straight up Normandy to nori butter?

I’m also surprised that you didn’t add the uni toast with lardo and nori foccacia to the tasting.

Still delicious

Was everything on the tasting menu? Or did you end up ordering a couple things a la carte? That uni egg looks good and I wouldn’t want to miss it lol.

Seems like the salt baked spot prawn and uni egg are the only things he added to the chef’s tasting. These are classics of Providence that don’t come with any of the tasting menus but they can be added for more $$.

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@moonboy403 is correct, the salt baked spot prawns and uni egg were supplements. everything else was on the chef’s tasting menu.

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i would have if it was on the menu.

No more uni duos then…bummer

No added Ugly Bunch? That’s my favorite dish there.

Haven’t been to Providence for some time but the spot prawns were always part of the tasting menu

not on the menu either and i wanted to try it too

I went for the tasting menu last week (Wednesday). About 50% was different from yours, will have to rustle up the pictures. GREAT. The “cigar” especially. Duck breast was the last savory, not waygu.
The “foie” was great - and hysterical.


Did you get the “chef’s tasting menu”? Duck was on the other two menus when I went.

Hold up wait a minute, were you with @chewchow?

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You are a true MF. Cheese course after Holbox, Chef’s Tasting + supplements.

How do you keep that girlish figure?

My :tophat: off to you! Incredible!

Great review!


I was.

Beef tartare “Dagwood”

Porcini Tart

Seafood Pasta note all the different pasta shapes - sooo good

Duck Breast


I want a beef tartare dagwood! that’s playful.

Tag teaming for CiaoBob. Not being as VIP as PorkBelly and his table side service, they made us peel and eat our own prawn with our bare hands like savages :japanese_ogre:




Fancy Restaurant speak: “Experiential Dining”. Consider it preferential treatment :laughing:.

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Instant one star deduction.

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