PSA - Surfas Culver City is closing by end of June 2017

The signs in the store say they are relocating and in the process of signing a lease.

Surfas is having a 30 percent off sale today and tomorrow June 3-4) on everything other than the heavy equipment.

None of the employees know where the store is being moved.


I think they’ve become a victim of Amazon Prime (and free same day delivery).

Bummer. Not in my area, so never went; but I like specialty stores. Were they too overpriced? Do I have to ask?

I think they were done in by the Expo and high-density redevelopment projects favored by the L.A. City Council. An incredibly ugly “mixed-use” complex has already gone up across the street. Pretty sure that’s what’s slated for the Surfas lot.

@TheCookie the prices were pretty reasonable.


FYI the OC branch of Surfas shut down yesterday.


According to the LA Times the Culver City shutter is temporary and Surfas is looking for a new location and to re-open soon.

Also working on an online store but I like going into the physical store. One of the only times I don’t use Amazon Prime is to buy kitchen equipment bc I like to touch/feel the products.

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