Recommendations for ready cooked turkey?

Any recommendations for pre-cooked turkey? I’ve ordered from honeybaked ham in the past and generally happy with the product.

Just wondering if there are any other places favored by the FTC cognoscenti?

Too lazy to cook the entire meal …


I’m this close to tapping my local Bristol Farms and calling it a day, but yet I search and search and search. I’m outsourcing the whole deal. Sides from Clementine…just need to firm up my pie choices.

I haven’t had one but Little Jewel is doing a pecan wood smoked turkey for a C-note.

Hungry Cat.
Because deep-fried turkey rocks. Actually, most deep-fried things rock.

Or you could slum it at Yum Cha Cafe, or Sam Woo.

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From Miss Clarissa -

Update for 2021

Heritage BBQ (San Juan Capistrano)