I need to buy a refrigerator for a new house I’m moving into in a few weeks. I’ve always had a white fridge; the last one had French doors and didn’t have an outside ice/water dispenser (just ice inside); I want the same type again. Looking online lately, I see more options for stainless steel than white, and am curious as to why some people prefer them.

Is it aesthetics alone or something else? This one needs to be the last one I expect to buy, given my age (definitely in the over-55 category), and I will have much more time to cook than before (I’ll be partly retired). When I sold my home 8 months ago, I had a GE fridge (bought about 8-10 years ago) in the kitchen and a 40+year old GE fridge in the garage. The garage fridge never needed repair and outlasted 2 other ones. It was great having the garage one to keep extra product handy, and to store things temporarily when I entertained. If needed I’ll get a second one but it won’t be full sized, just large enough for those days.

I hope this is the right board to ask the question and appreciate any info or reason for preference given.



I don’t get the appeal. Especially since magnets won’t stick to stainless. There’s no technical advantage, just style.

When our old fridge died a few years ago I was shocked at how design and manufacturing quality had declined. We returned the first one we bought and got a Fisher-Paykel.

Our LG stainless steel surface apparently has a higher nickel content than do previous versions, so magnet stick to ours.

To the OP, I think stainless steel is purely a cosmetic thing. I personally prefer it (edit: I personally prefer it b/c I think stainless steel looks more “high end”).

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We have F-P refrigerators in town and in the country and love both of them. They both accept magnets. And once I learned how to wipe them (ONLY with the brushed grain), they are a cinch to keep shining.

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Does it have any blemishes or discolorations? I hate my stainless dishwasher becuase it has this weird marks. I have heard that happens with the fridges too which is why I went with white for the fridge.

Thanks for your response. Funny that you mentioned magnets, as I had so many on mine that I barely had space for anything else. Thanks for the FP link, I’ll check it out.

If stainless is purely cosmetic, all the more reason to get white. My cabinets will be white and there is a ton of light in the “open concept” room, so even on a dark day the room will feel lighter.

Thanks for your response

I don’t have to pick a dishwasher, it’s included and offhand I don’t remember if it’s stainless or white. Probably stainless, as is the oven and microwave, maybe the range too.

Thanks for your response.

The surface, while smooth, has a slightly “mottled” (or I guess soft “brushed”) appearance everywhere. It’s not the super shiny look of a conventional stainless steel appliance, so I imagine it would hide small marks pretty well.

I probably have 40 or 50 magnets on our stainless fridge.

French door, freezer on the bottom, ice maker in the freezer, a tiny water dispenser just inside the upper left French dooe.

Oops, for got to mention that when you come in the front door, you see across the living room to an expanse of kitchen. For that reason we got a white dishwasher. Fridge doesn’t show from there so got stainless.

While still in the process of moving in.


Beautiful space, love that blue and white tile!

Thanks. We’re loving it. Our general do everything guy Alejandro did a great job on the tile. The cabinets and countertops were already there. Oh, and the floor is deep blue Marmoleum.

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I think part of the beauty of stainless steel is that it matches w/ everything (IMHO, of course). So, for me, no need to worry about it matching cabinetry. :slight_smile:

I prefer IMneverHO :slight_smile: and I agree with you.

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Some stainless steels are magnetic.

Personally I dislike the look of stainless appliances. We had the door of our Wolf painted.

Hmm. This is our third or fourth one and they’ve all been magnetic.

Here’s our fridge :slight_smile:

And I can’t imagine a stove without a ‘glass’ door. The stainless is no more than yours. And of course ours is induction my favorite in all the world :slight_smile:

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Lots of stainless appliances are not magnetic. The Wolf is not, so the temperature probe sensor won’t stick.

When we were shopping for fridges I carried a magnet to test them.

That’s what I did when I got my first induction cooktop range :slight_smile:

Great idea to carry a magnet to test the stainless steel. Thanks!