I forgot to ask (and apologies, I haven’t done much research yet), is there any cost difference between stainless and white?

Is anyone comfortable with ordering online without actually seeing the model you want in a store? My boss had to order all new appliances for a home that had major water damage from the last hurricane in Florida (we’re in CA) and he ordered everything online. Most stores only have a limited inventory of what they actually sell.


Stainless is usually slightly more expensive.

Got it, I suspected as much. Thanks!

For it, it would depend on how much you’re spending (the more $, the more I’m going to want to see one in-person) and, perhaps more importantly, the return policy of the store.

As you said, in store inventory is not always plentiful. My vague recollection is that we did look at our fridge in-store (b/c we got a counter depth fridge and wanted to see how much space it had), although we ended up buying on-line. Home Depot’s website (and maybe Lowe’s and Best Buy?) will actually show you if the model is on display at a store.

For me, seeing some of the fridges in-person also confimed that I was willing to spend a bit more to get the look and features I wanted (eg., half width adjustable shelves, which we LOVE). Looking at the “studio” pics of the fridges on-line also gave me ideas of how to organize a bottom freezer section (trying to arrange the items a bit like a bookshelf, rather than all stacked on top of each other).

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In case you must have a color, the technology is there.

OP might want to avoid a Samsung…

I’ve had and have Samsung’s (fridge, range and MW/convection) but not in a while. That would be too bad.

Consumer Reports low rating is specifically for Samsung’s models with french doors, not for other models.

I’d have to re-read the article to see whether the consumer complaints were across various models.

My in-laws had a Samsung side by side and had issues w/ their icemaker, too…

Ice makers seem like a waste of money to me, especially given that they increase power consumption by 12% to 20%.

LG craft ice maker is kinda amazing though

My in-laws had a Samsung side by side and had issues w/ their icemaker, too…

Already replaced the standard door icemaker in our LG machine under warranty. Tempted to get the extended warranty…

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Yeah, we specifically avoided in-door anything on our fridge (also an LG) b/c Consumer Reports (or something other thing I looked at) said that repair people say the in-door stuff is the cause of most fridge problems.

LGs can apparently have had some compressors issues w/i the first few yrs, so we have our fingers crossed…

ffs. that 3 year extended warranty is $900. if it weren’t for the damned craft ice maker I would have a much less favorable opinion of this fridge.

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Did it have a dispenser on the front? I deliberately have never gotten that.

Our icemaker takes up no more room than ice trays. And stay full.

Pretty sure it did have an ice maker on the front (but I didn’t ask and didn’t hear it from them directly).


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Thanks for your response and advice. I don’t need top-of-the-line anything and for the most part, I’ve been satisfied with GE appliances (microwave, dishwasher, range/oven). I just have to make sure (a) it will last and (b) gives me more bang for the buck, if that’s possible. I have a very short time-frame for purchase/delivery and not much time to spare for research etc before I move. I guess it’s just a cost comparison between exact models/features but stainless vs white, and I really want white.

Thanks again.

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