Pretty much. And, depending on where the fridge will be, space. It seems like your last one was already a french-door model, and I think those tend to take the most space (so you should be okay).

Our old fridge was a side by side and has cabinets above and on one side, so we really had to be careful about height. My memory is that the specs on-line tended to underestimate height by ~1-2 inches (which was a big deal for our space).

Just a heads up from an LG fridge owner who just had their compressor replaced last year (after just 4 years) - if you don’t already, it may be beneficial to have a cheap fridge thermometer in your fridge for when it may give out. Ours died a slow death, so the temperature was going up gradually and nobody knew until food started spoiling faster than usual.

Ugh. Does your fridge have a digital display for the temp? Our does, and I’m wondering if that can be trusted, should things start malfunctioning.

How much did this cost? The extended warranty is starting to look like a reasonable value proposition.

If you mean the digital display on the outside where you can also set the temperature, then yes. We now have one of those cheap fridge thermometers in every fridge/freezer we own because trust issues. :sweat_smile:

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It cost nothing out of pocket due to an extended warranty on (many/most of?) the linear compressors - 5 years parts and labor covered, and parts, not labor, covered for years 6-10. Only found this out through research, as it’s not exactly advertised. The compressor installed for the repair is allegedly an updated one, but we’ll see! No problems so far, though.

I think the warranty information I found was here:


I finally got to do a walk-thru in my house yesterday and measured the space for the fridge. It’s 36x72x23". I’m rethinking not doing a white fridge b/c all the cabinets are white, the floor is just a bit darker, and the walls are white. I think stainless would look better, assuming (a) I can find a French door model that fits that size, (b) it doesn’t cost more than an arm and a leg and (c) I can put magnets on it. I just looked at Lowe’s website and am extremely surprised that stainless costs less than white! Who would have thought that? Not me so I’m pleasantly surprised and keeping my fingers crossed I can find something that I can get it delivered within 2 days after I move-in.

Thanks again for all the intel. Next I have to buy a washing machine and dryer…that will be much less fun than buying a fridge.

Wait, is the depth 23"??? I think even “counter depth” fridges are at least 30".

Hope your Lowe’s delivery experience was way better than mine was (or maybe not, actually, since they screwed up so badly that I ended up getting the fridge for free!).

Whatever you do w/ the washer, DO NOT get a front-loading compact LG washer. Thankfully, I haven’t had the need to buy a lot of appliance, but that was the worst appliance decision ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ours would fit in that space except the doors would pop out a bit, which is necessary for them to open.

I swear, I definitely measured 23" depth. 36x72x23. It does seem a bit…short. Could that be less the door? I just looked at a LG fridge 25.5 cu ft, counter-depth and that measurement is 24.88 less the door. I’m not exactly looking for a LG fridge, it’s just the first one I looked at for counter depth.

I’m going back next Monday and will measure it again.


23" seems awfully shallow.

Looking online, it does to me too. I’ll have to remeasure next week.


Just take into a account that, as @robert said, depending on what your set up is, your doors will protrude beyond the counter’s depth b/c you need clearance to open the doors. I think our counters are ~25" deep, and our counter depth LG works just fine (it doesn’t protrude TOO much into the open space of the kitchen).

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Update: I got a really good deal $$ on a LG French door (no icemaker in the door), on sale for $1899 ($600 off) and guess what? I looked at my all white kitchen and went with stainless steel. It seems there is VERY little demand for white now, and no French doors in white anyway. The SS will look good in the kitchen; it also passed the “magnet” test. They even had one available for me to check.

It was designed exactly how I would use it, and the interior shelves etc were very sturdy. I measured the fridge alcove 2x and it will fit perfectly in it but with very little room on either side to spare. It will delivered next Thursday, a day after I move in.

Thanks again for all the advice and recommendations. Now I have to buy a washing machine and dryer but I know this isn’t the right place to ask about them.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Our refrigerator started beeping the other day, as if one of the doors or the freezer drawer was open, but they were all closed. Opened and closed them all, beeping didn’t stop. Finally unplugged it for a few seconds and plugged it back in, beeping didn’t start again.

That inspired me to get our refrigerator thermometer out and check whether the settings were right. Should be 40° F in the warmest part. Turned out it was set a bit cold so maybe we’ll save some electricity and have less veg unexpectedly freezing.

Next I’ll check the frozen food compartment, it should be 0° F.

Is the warmest part the door shelves, or is warmest part referring to the “interior” part of the fridge?

Probably the bottom since heat rises. I’ve just been moving the thermometer around to check different areas. When the top shelf is 40°, the bottom shelf is 37°. I haven’t checked the produce drawers yet.

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I might’ve said this earlier, but, if you need a compact washer, DO NOT GET AN LG. HORRIFIC VIBRATION AND MAKES ME WANT TO DIE EVERY TIME I USE IT.

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Get a front-loader. Clothes last longer.

Only if that front loader can be stopped mid-cycle. We had one that couldn’t be. We gave it away!