Report: Lake Kawaguchiko / Mt. Fuji

Well, I can’t recommend enough Shuhoukaku Kogetsu for your stay. Full frontal view of Mt. Fuji with Lake Kawaguchiko in the foreground.

Food here is out of control good. You would easily drop $200 pp on this in the states on dinner and breakfast (tuna sashimi, tempura frying station, etc.). Rooms are about 250-300+ pp a night during peak.

Dinner in photos:

Really good fish paste or squid paste dumplings mixed with edamame.

Local river trout sashimi

Sashimi: sayori, chu toro, shima aji, shark.

Top notch chu toro

Shabu of a local “WineTon aka Wine Pork”. Supposedly pigs that are fed wine. The porcine answer to Kobe beef I guess. Really tasty but also just like the silky pork I get at Mitsuwa.

Some salt grilled spring bamboo.

Fried lamb chops with foie. Foie was a mess but the lamb chop was really well done. Really nice crispy exterior.

Sweet shrimp dumplings to bookend the meal.

Clam rice and soup dish to finish

Super sweet melon


Hey Porthos, what’s the USD-to-JPY exchange rate there right about now?

Breakfast. Top notch. Sashimi of squid, tuna, albacore. Cooked items included baby clam miso, local handmade noodles, pork and potato stew.


112-113 JPY/USD. Not great but could be worse.

View from the hotel

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View from the room


Hinoki tub. That’s gotta be rough…