Restaurant Owner Shows Up at Door of Customer Who Left a Bad Review


From the Daily Meal:

How was the restaurant owner able to find out where the guy lived?

We had an restaurant owner retaliation incident a few years back in LA. Suffice to say restaurant no longer in business…

The retaliation took place in December of 2010. The restaurant closed in October of 2014. I don’t think the first incident had much to do with the second.

Death by a thousand “shaming reservation no-shows”? :wink:

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What . Just one bad meal and the guy freaks out . I can’t even count the number of shit meals I have had .

Ah, the long game.

It was a delivery.

Was it? I didn’t see that detail in either of the articles I read. Did I miss it?

ETA: Yes! Yes, indeed I did. Thanks.