Restaurant Uprooted

This program dropped on KPBS last night.

It started out to be episode 1 of a 6-part series on the cuisines of Mexico, but then the pandemic hit and it turned into a stand alone program following Drew Deckman, owner of Deckman’s in the Valle de Guadalupe, as he and his restaurant navigated cuarentina (quarantine). The film makers live in Coronado but have a 2nd home in Ensenada. They were filming in the Valle when the border closed and elected to quarantine in Ensenada.

The first 20 mnutes of the show were filmed prior to Covid, the last half hour is devoted to how Deckman’s managed the pandemic. The program also does a good job of highlighting the role restaruants play in everyday life as well as the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the industry in general.

This is a 52 minute program. I thought it was very well done and very much worth spending the time watching it. I don’t believe the video is currently behind a paywall. I was able to watch it with no problems, no payments and I’m not a PBS subscriber.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check it out

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