Restaurants near Disneyland

Need some picks within 10 min ish drive radius.

Food type doesn’t matter but hopefully more casual as it’ll be just me.

Also is mama hieus worth visiting?

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Mas’ is 9 minutes away.


Myung Dong Kalgooksu
Zait n Zataar
Tacos Los Cholos

All are around 10-15 mins away

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Pho 79
Smoke Queen BBQ

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What’s the move at cortinas and Los cholos?

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Aleppo’s Kitchen
House of Mandi (might have iftar buffet only since it is currently Ramadan)
Rice n’ Spice
Tocumbo Ice Cream
Okayama Kobo Bakery


Los Cholos - AHM taco with a cheese stuffed pepper. All of the tacos come with a copious amount of meat. Papa Loco is a baked potato with all of the fixins. Haven’t tried any of the premium meats like rib eye but people rave about it.

Cortinas - Rocky Balboa ask @JeetKuneBao or the Cortinas Special. Pizza is a better version of Costco and not as thick.


Sababa is great and casual, and they’re open until 10 (lots of places are 9) if you stay in the park a little later.

Green Cheek for beers, if that’s your thing.



Rocky Balboa is a roast pork sandwich and it’s better than DiNic’s in Philadelphia imo lol!

The meatball sandwich.

Cortinas special.

Chicken parm or eggplant parm sandwich.

For me it’s all about the sandwiches. Better than anything in the South Bay.

Los Cholos has good premium meats. I am a Villas guy and Los Cholos was essentially buying votes for free food at Taco Madness. So yeah I feel very strongly against them. They expended pretty quick too. If it’s a weekend night at Anaheim State College location it’s a madhouse for parking


Check out Don Churros Gomez at night. Hard to find style of churros that you can’t find in LA.

Those Mexican burgers that @A5KOBE posted look ridiculously good.

Grab some banh mi’s on the way in from Little Saigon with some Cococane or breakfast burritos at LJ’s in Cypress will hold you over for most of the day.

Sababa’s. I am a fan as well. Worth checking out as well nothing in South Bay LA like it.

Kareem’s is also good.

Post Dland donuts at M&M. One map operation. Does not write down orders. Fresh super piping hot blueberry donuts. Don’t know how bad the lines are but if you go early in the night check him out.

Are you doing the whole opening to closing at Disneyland? Did that when I had a annual pass and put in 15 miles LOL


Sabadas go to move is the falafel or other sandwich?

It’s pretty convoluted but I’m just going down for a little bit and then coming back home but I will be bang banging before and after

Azulcanela does good churros. And there’s a stand that does solid ones at the pch 110 night market.

Also there’s a stand I’m not sure exactly where because it’s been so long but on Hawthorne, Inglewood, or prairie north of the 105 there was a make shift night market in a parking lot on the west side of the street and they made some mean churros there.

+1 on House of Mandi (the lamb is delicious and their mutabbal is so smokey good)

+1 on Zait & Zataar

+1 on Cortina’s

+1 on Strongwater (those tiki cocktails just hit)

+1 on Don Churros Gomez (because different can be good)…pro tip, get Salt & Straw ice cream to go and eat it with your churros

I think Little Saigon (LS) is more than 10 mins away from the Parks, but more than worthwhile if you’ve the time.

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What is Ls

Little Saigon?


Okay, it seriously took me half a day to finally realize that “dland” meant “Disneyland.” ARGH!!!

Carry on, folks…


Ah ok yah makes sense I was thinking about a restaurant named LS so got blinders on.

@attran99 any newish recs for little Saigon?

@paranoidgarliclover updated

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The world is your oyster in Little Saigon (LS) depending on the time you’re there and what you’re in the mood for.

You might have to miss the fireworks, but Oc & Lau, Garlic & Chives, Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan, and Pholicious are all open until 10PM.


I’ve been to oc and lau and garlic chives but I’ll be solo so those prolly won’t work for me. I’ll bookmark the other two. I

It’ll actually be during the day any good new noodle places open up recently?

Not new, but Ngu Binh, and Ben Ngu will have noodle options. I love the banh canh tom cua, but most prefer mi quang or bun bo hue. I also love the banh bot loc.

I’ve heard Grandpa’s Kitchen is doing a lot with noodles, but I’ve not been yet…maybe @JeetKuneBao has?


It’s been years since I been to Grandpa’s 168 but I remember liking the dry noodles bowl

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