Reviews without prices: threat or menace?



Yes dear. Or the OP who gave an enormous amount of info could have given it. I see this happen when something is quite a bit expensive. When it’s not they can’t say it fast enough.

In this board you rarely see prices mentioned in most restaurant posts independently if it is cheaper or expensive restaurant

Well, then I disagree with those people. I like to put a meal in one perspective of the cost. A few years ago we ate at Tickets Bar in Barcelona. I described the meal and how well it priced out. I think that helps people without their having to wade through a bunch of other stuff. YMMV.

I don’t usually mention cost in terms of dollars at all. If anything I’d frame it in terms of value–which I did:

The actual price/cost is something anyone interested can easily search online for or just go to the restaurant’s website (which I also linked to) and look it up.


We used to go to a Mexican place that had “Taco Tuesday.” Six different tacos were less than $2 each. I mentioned that.

Please don’t clutter up restaurant topics with complaints about people not including prices when the restaurant’s web site has a menu with prices.


Not sure if you’re trolling or what but last time I checked you and I were not the same person :joy:

You do you and I’ll do me.

@robert thanks for moving this.


A good sign that they used “high quality” ingredients.


ABSOLUTELY!!! Every things made in-house including the tortillas, no mix in the Margaritas, etc.

I was taught growing up not to bring up the price of things, but if I think it’s a good value or gouging I sometimes break that rule. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was brought up the same way. But these are restaurant reviews not just chatting. I read a review of one of the top and quite expensive restaurants here in Seattle. The second paragraph gave the prix fixe and I knew right then that I wouldn’t be eating there any time soon. I appreciated that and didn’t need to go to their site.

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I agree.

I learned in grad school that not talking about money when money is actually important is BS and a form of false modesty (among other possibilities). Or, at least, the defensiveness about discussing it.

I’ve never understood why the general vibe of the board is to not discuss $.


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Well then, you and I are both humble :slight_smile:

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Personally speaking, I’m not out here writing reviews of restaurants, I’m just documenting my experiences. If you’re looking for a review, I’m not your guy. If I think that there’s a value angle that enriches what I tasted/smelled/felt/heard/etc. for the benefit of others, I’ll share it. But otherwise I don’t feel the need :man_shrugging:

I’ll give my opinion and a recommendation if others find it helpful, but not mentioning how much the meal cost isn’t an attempt to obscure anything.



Thanks, @rlw for letting us vicariously live through you. I (and many others) enjoy your write ups as is.


Huh? People talk about prices here all the time. Maybe less so in the context of $$$$$ tasting menus and sushi places, since those are pretty much “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” splurges.

Some people write reviews, others do something else. There are no rules about what people have to post.


price and qpr are one of the biggest topics on ftc.

a third of the posts in the manzke thread are about price.

almost every post about majordomo was about price when it first opened.

it’s hard to find a thread that doesn’t have the price or a link to the menu with prices. kato, yangban, kinn, pizzeria sei, shunji, mother wolf, camphor, kaneyoshi, morihiro, kogane…


But I think that’s kind of the point. People talk very readily about the actual price for cheaper places w/o prompting (or, at least, that’s my perception). For more expensive places, not so much.

I think many posters have made a compelling argument that some people may save up for whatever amount of time to afford these more expensive places. To say, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” is super dismissive, IMHO. How will the person know, if it isn’t mentioned.

Did @catholiver say that there should be a rule? I didn’t see the original thread b/f it got broken off. Did @catholiver ever say she didn’t think @rlw’s reviews or posts weren’t worthwhile? It seemed to me as if she was commenting on a process issue that actually is rather notable.

How many of those posts included pricing information from the first post (including your own post about Manzke)? I think that’s the only point @catholiver was trying to make (at least, from my own reading).

But nobody needs to ask for the price about the $1-2 specials at McD’s, even though that information is also presumably easily found on-line.

It’s not about the absolute quantity of posts that divulge pricing or talk about QPR. It’s about the way it has been brought up or not brought up (and pricing information is indeed much more open than it was in the past).

I stand my assertion that people here can be funny about money. Sorry, I think when people say, “Why don’t you just look it up for yourself,” that’s a cover for some other issue. No value judgment there. Just my opinion. ::shrug::