Rib Tips and Ribs? Where to Eat It?

In the next month or so I’ll be taking an older friend for rib tips (my request) or ribs (her request).

I have a car, and am happy to drive. She’s in her 70s and will be my passenger. I want to go somewhere with great food and comfortable seating.

Some smaller places are to-go only. That’s fine, if there’s a good park nearby to eat? I don’t want to eat in my car, and part of the fun of this excursion is being in a new location.

Any suggestions are welcome, and I particularly welcome the LPTs. “This place has great lemonade.” “The hours are different than posted.” “The guy working the rig on the weekends really knows what he’s doing, avoid week-days.”

Bludso’s Bar & Que

they have alcohol and valet parking


Thank you! She’s urging me to find someplace less on the beaten path. I appreciate her faith in me, and also recognize I will be this kind of PITA.

Bludso’s in the Proud Bird by LAX has opened.


definitely Bludso’s on La Brea

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in that case


Rag Top Fern has great ribs, if you’re looking for off the beaten path. It’s a pop up in a guys front yard.

Follow him on Instagram (ragtopfernsbbq) usually offers rib and brisket on the weekends

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Bludso’s in the Proud Bird bldg? Now that’s news!


JNJ Burger & BBQ has rib tips and ribs. Not as good as Bludso’s but more off the beaten path. Haven’t been post Jay Jr.'s passing, though.

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Not much in terms of compfy seating for a senior either. But that BBQ shack does feel more like you’re off the beaten path for sure.


True – patio seating only. But the OP specifically mentioned taking BBQ to a park to eat, which is as uncomfortable, if not moreso.

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I had some great ribs and rib tips from Brothers BBQ on Crenshaw this weekend. It’s take-out only but the Edward Vincent Jr. Park is very close.

Compared to Philip’s and Woody’s, Brothers has them both beat hands down. The sauce is great but the cue is good enough to order it on the side.


This seems relevant:

For the link-averse: Dr. Hogly Wogly’s, JNJ, Maple Block, The Park’s Finest.

I think The Park’s finest might be a good call, fun and good and a little different, and if you want to take it to a park there are some beautiful ones right nearby.


The Parks Finest, then walk down about 1/2 block to K Bakery for some very refreshing chia lemonade.

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Bludso’s on La Brea. Mixed opinions on whether they’re as good as his now closed Compton hole-in-the-wall. But he’s been cooking at this locale more, so the que is much improved. Off the beaten path (sorta’) my husband loves Phillip’s on Crenshaw.

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RibTown BBQ - Jefferson Park

Finally made it back @NYCtoLA!

Rib Plate (4) + Beans

It’s all about the ribs & tips here. The beautiful bark, tender, juicy, almost but not falling-off-the-bone meat, nicely basted, smokey but not smoked. Not salty at all! To me, this is barbecue, not long-smoked meat (yeah yeah long-smoked meat is cue too). Here you won’t get a prominent smoke ring or firm, smoked-to-the-bone meat. And I like it! :blush: No photo of the beans because they weren’t in a separate container and spilled into the bag. :smirk:

2 Pc Chicken & 1/2 lb Rib Tip + Potato Salad


Healthy sized rib tips, again with the tender meat, fat, juicy and the bark has that nice jerky pull rib tip lovers love. :hearts:


The chicken is passable - skin is cooked thru, meat is tender, not salty, but both times no crispy char. :frowning:

Beef Links (mild) + Bun

I wanted the chicken links, but same as last time they didn’t get them. :smirk: The beef links from Pete’s Sausage are very good - don’t expect snappy, firm - the texture is more like chorizo. They’re great smothered in good sauce, alone or in the bun. :slightly_smiling_face:

Greens w/Smoked Turkey Neck

I was so tickled the greens have smoked turkey neck meat - my favorite in greens. They could use a skosh more hot sauce & vinegar, but the flavors & texture are on point! :hearts:


The slaw is surprisingly special. I think it’s ordinary packaged slaw veggies, but fresh, crunchy, and they make a really good dressing - sweet, creamy, but punchy w/a kick of heat (maybe from pepper vinegar). :slightly_smiling_face:

Mac & Cheese

Probably the end of the batch, so not so special today.

But of Course…

The ribs are delish, which is great for my rib loving sweetheart. For me, I might eat a couple bites then dig into the chicken. With the chicken being meh and the chicken sausage they claim to have but never do I’m kinda’ left out. I’ll definitely get the greens & slaw when hubby goes again. :blush: Also, you may need to request bbq sauce - we didn’t get any - but the ribs are nicely basted and really didn’t need it, plus their doctored sauce needs more doctoring, imho. I’m imaging their meat with Phillips BBQ Sauce. :yum:

Chef Lonny & crew are great! :hearts:

Tip: bring a box to carry the styrofoam & foil packaged food or make sure everything is tightly closed - spillage occurred.

About $55 incl. Tip

Happy Rib & Tip Eating!


have been fiending for good beef ribs for a few weeks now… anyone have recommendations?

i tried bludso’s beef ribs for my bday dinner and was a bit disappointed (perhaps an off day for them, but the ribs were gristly with a bit too much chew… will try it again some other time.)

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Have you tried Phillips? I can’t vouch for them as I only get the pork ribs.

Heritage BBQ in San Clemente. Sorry can’t link to @Chowseeker1999 review from my phone. They were doing pop ups at breweries in the OC for the last few years but they now have a permanent location. I haven’t been but look up the review.


Slab has arguably the best ribs around.