Roasting your own coffee

Came up in Whirley pop since you can use those to roast coffee.

I did for a few years. First I used an earlier model Fresh Roast
which is like an air popper redesigned for coffee. It was great, except it makes only a quarter of a pound at a time.

Then I got a Behmor
which is like a toaster oven. It wasn’t really suitable for roasting as dark as I like. One day it caught on fire, so I moved on to a HotTop
which was excellent, except that cleaning it was a huge pain in the ass. You have to disassemble it, and it’s not easy to put back together.

I might try a Gene Cafe roaster someday, seems like it was designed with cleaning in mind.

My nephew is a coffee roasting geek . He swears by the old air popcorn makers . The kind to get was the one without the temperature control thermostat. I believe he buys his beans from a place in Oakland to roast . Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria’s sells one of those.

There’s also one that’s very similar to a Whirley Pop.

One disadvantage of both of those is that there’s no chaff trap.

He showed me what he used . It was the old circular ones . Yellow top . The popcorn, popped . And then I guess you were supposed to have the top become a serving bowl .

Sounds like the West Bend Poppery 2 mentioned in Sweet Maria’s blurb about the popcorn popper.

The Fresh Roast is functionally similar, but has the advantage of a chaff trap.

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My first choice would have been the fresh roast for 189 . But knowing my nephew he loves thrift . He invented copper wire by stretching a penny .

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What’s wrong with a frying pan? I watch them do it at Ethiopian places :slight_smile: