Whirley pop

this might be off topic, but anyone know where i can get a whirley pop in store?

Bed Bath and Beyond usually has them in stock.
Make sure you’re getting the aluminum one.

Crate and barrel

Williams Sonoma. They have all sorts of popcorn stuff there…

Thank you!

I think I messed up. That is why it was only $20

The aluminum one is actually the cheaper one. I think you might be okay.


hahhahah i used to roast coffee in one when i was in college! Beans from sweet maria’s


Why get the aluminum one? Just curious.

Aluminum spreads the heat more evenly. You’d only want the more expensive steel one for use on an induction range.

got it! my sister loved it. I got me one at $19.99.

tell me how? lol

Just like making popcorn only you use green coffee beans.

I’ll send you a dm

If you do end up roasting coffee do a post about it in home cooking. I learned so much by roasting my own! Graduated to an air popper -now my friend had a Bemore roaster i think it’s called

I had a Behmor.