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I only skimmed this, but it’s… fascinating.

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I have to say, I have never really understood the desire to cook elaborately with cannabis.

Part of the fun with weed and food is that it makes eating more enjoyable when you’re already stoned!

Eating a big dinner cooked with weed will leave you with ravenous munchies 30-90 min later. You will be full, from the dinner but will STILL put away a couple cookies, the leftover cold chicken, and the last of the doritos.

The next morning, and likely most of the rest of the day, will be spent in the bathroom getting rid of the 5000 calories you stuffed yourself with.

No. Now with relative consistency possoble with edibles, the trick is to find someome that can do canna-cocktails or appetizers. Allow guests to graze 1 hour before the main meal, then srve the super delicious stuff unadulterated while the THC let’s you really, y’know, get into the rhythm of this sandwich…

The food will then extend the pot’s effects just time for you to safely travel home and watch old Spongebob episodes 'til you drift off to sleep.

I may have done this before.



I think I saw him on Vice TV"s weed cooking show.

I smoked enough weed in the 70s to get over it.

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Saw this sign on the way to El Cholo. Any one w/ info on this opening?

Is this the old JP’s?

Not at all familiar w/ JP’s, but, based on internet search results, yes.

It had been a dive bar type place.

JP’s is moving from 11th and Wilshire to 10th and Wilshire. That spot used to be a Classic Tile but has been empty for years.

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I remember a FTC meetup from what seems like a million years ago, when many of us on this very thread broke bread together, in real life at a lively, sincere little Italian hole in the wall on Sawtelle called Clusi Batusi (RIP), and had a damn fine time. And even Bacoman was in the room!


They made great pizza at clusi batusi!


More random updates…

Around Wilshire/6th St., there’s “Lobster and Beer” and “Yagul Cafe” in the Verona bldg. Haven’t tried the former yet, and only had the coffee (partner) and ginger limeade from the latter. The ?chef made a comment that the ginger limeade was “super strong.” Uh, yes. As in, like, burning my throat strong. I rather enjoyed it. :slight_smile: Partner said coffee was fine but not something in and of itself to return for. The place has chilaquiles on the menu (and tlayudas, mole, and housemade tamales), so I will be returning to try the food. Couple (who I assume are the owners) seem very sweet.

Dono (in the bldg next to Fia/Fia steak that has been through a bazillion variations) is opening… soon?

Eater LA link and restaurant homepage:


Walked by Flapjax (used to be Bread and Porridge across the street from the Trader Joe’s on Wilshire) yesterday and it looked just about ready to go.


This blog often has early intel:

Seems like Flapjax might have some connection to Bru’s Wiffle. Wonder why they want a location so close to the other one (although I guess the line suggests that they do enough business to support 3 of them).


Just got a quick lunch from Yagul. We didn’t order adventurously (they have chapulines! In Santa Monica!), but I thought everything was notably well-seasoned. This may be the first restaurant with guacamole that is just as good as what I can make myself.


Was driving past the old Belcampo Santa Monica location, and saw that the signage had changed. It’s now…

Which is interesting b/c (1.) the website doesn’t mention an upcoming Santa Monica location; and (2.) they already have another location like 2 miles away in West LA. And the part of West LA that is nearly right up against the 405. Looking at the locations from the website (Montebello AND Whittier AND Puente Hills???) is an interesting experience.

The little on FTC indicates its run of the mill Mexican. Will be interesting w/ El Cholo so close by…

That’s funny. The Kalaveras in WLA is just down the block from Don Antonio’s and The Talpa, two traditional SoCal/Mexican restaurants similar to El Cholo. Definitely caters to a different crowd. It’s loud and is more of a party atmosphere vs. a family restaurant. Food is pretty good, but not worth a trip.

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The web site makes it look like first and foremost a cocktail bar.

Interesting given that describes La Condesa like 3 blocks away (which just got a paint job and is always packed)

deleted - I confused bandora with belcampo, duh.