SGV dump crawl

We attempted the lucky peach dumpling crawl this weekend and failed. Beijing pie house took so long by the time we got to luscious dumpling they were closed and emperor noodles were sold out of the pan fried pork buns. We would have to settle for a 7xbang dump crawl. We also went off script at a few places and ordered some supplements because we were concerned we would end up hungry after this. At what time does 7th lunch turn into 1st dinner? #askingforafriend


It would be criminal to dine at Elite and only order the shu mai and har gow, so we got some extras to hold us over for the 5 minute car ride to the next stop.

Qing Dao Bread Food

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings with Leeks & Shrimp

Beijing Pie House

Summer squash and lamb

Long Xing Ji

Off script extras, pan fried fish dumplings and the XXLB

Flavor Garden

Pan fried leek, egg, and glass noodle dumpling

Beef roll

Hui Tou Xiang

Pork hui tou and extra beef hui tou (not pictured)

Din Tai Fung

This was our last stop and we were still hungry so we ordered some supplements here too.

Two orders of the pork and crab XLB

Shrimp shu mai

Fried pork chop

Chicken noodle soup



Hui Tou Xiang - WOW - looks scrumptious! Tastes as good as they look? What else would be be good recs there? TIA

We only got the pork and beef, i would recommend the pork.

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Your title says “SGV dump crawl”.

Did you mean that?

God, that all looks so delicious…

Indeed. I didn’t want to discriminate against dumpsters or dumptrucks on this crawl.

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the LP list is more hit than miss, but personally, i would have skipped emperor noodles anyway as their SJB are a bit doughy to me, and i would have crossed the street and gotten the shui jian bao at tasty noodle.

i would have also left out the place in focus plaza (whatever name it is now) and gone to shanghai dumpling house the next block over on valley

i would have also stopped at mian one more plaza over from SDH and gotten the wontons in chili oil, that dish has something like five spice powder or star anise in it that just takes that dish to an entirely new level.

did you like the beef roll at flavor garden? when they first opened it was one of my favorites, but the quality has become inconsistent.


I am on my own SGV crawl. Taking secretasianman’s advice at Mian and Xi An Tasty

Here’s my bowl from Mian this morning - excellent dumps


And here’s my Spicy Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce Hand Made Noodle from Xi An Tasty
very good but not very ma la


I liked the beef roll at dean sin world better

did you get the same flavor profile - either five spice powder or star anise underneath it all?

i like xi’an tasty, but i don’t recall mentioning it - but then most of this info just kinda gets blurted out anyway.

Yes, Five Spice I think.
You mentioned it here

It’s the new slang in the SGV: “XLB”, “dump”, etc.

and take now is slang for eat. so when i say i’m taking a dump…


MIAN wasn’t open when I designed this, but it’s a great addition. If I re-did it now I think I’d also replace the SJB from Emperor with the ones from Kang Kang.

And I thought long and hard about adding Shanghai Dumpling’s salted egg yolk dumplings, but decided in the end it was too much with DTF and Wang Xing Ji. If you wanted to leave DTF off, that would definitely be the back up… but I thought about it from the perspective of somebody who doesn’t live here and didn’t get to eat at these places a lot (as opposed to the person who’s been to DTF a million times and wants a more off the beaten path/unique soup dumpling option.)

i do prefer the kang kang version over the emperor noodle version but the shui jian bao at tasty noodle house (the only dalian place in the SGV) has become my favorite of shui jian/sheng jian bao choices here.

BTW they have a buy 5 get 1 free special there. (dishes) so go with a larger group - or prepared to take stuff home

never been. totally bookmarking it…

HTX really should get more love here…


whenever they get any love from a gweilo, it’s for their rectangular dumplings which are really no big deal taste-wise, but they do have some good stuff: