Shanghai-style dim sum

There used to be a Shanghainese place in San Francisco called Fountain Court that served Shanghai xiaochi dim-sum style at lunch. They had dishes I’ve never seen elsewhere, such as fresh shepherd’s purse with steamed bamboo shoots.

Which places in LA are good for that stuff? Are any of them accessible by public transit from downtown?

Your best bet is Long Xing Ji (née Wang Xing Ji), which is at the Focus Plaza in SGV.

Not a dim sum set up, but will have many Shanghai style specialties that you’re referring to.

As to public transportation? No idea. Never touch the stuff.

On the predecessor board, one of the guys from New York came out and was able to do a Valley Blvd. food tour by taking a bus from somewhere in downtown. I believe Mrs. Chandavkl did that once for fun, but I doubt if she remembers the details. Since Long Xing Ji is on Valley, it should be on that route.

Google Maps has a function to map the journey using the bus, and you can try the MTA site:

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I use Google Maps to get around LA. In addition to doing a good job with subway and bus routes and times, I have all the places I’m interested in marked. E.g. I’m going to Largo one night and I see that Terrine, Jar, Son of a Gun, and AOC are nearby.

Did they change owners or cooks?