Shiki Beverly Hills - OOE Mori Omakase

After reading the great reports from @Chowseeker1999, @J_L, and @TheCookie I finally made a reservation and had a great dinner. Looks like mori-san is now working at the end of the main bar instead of the smaller bar in the back. I ordered the “mori omakase”, highlights were the peach, kumquat, buri, kohada, aji, sayori, mirugai, uni, anago, tuna.
I really enjoyed talking to mori san, one of the friendliest itamaes i’ve eaten with.

sakura tofu
soft, silky, delicous


shirako - sperm sac

hotaru ika - firefly squid

agedashi tofu

waka momo - japanese baby green mountain peach gelee
wow @Chowseeker1999 you were right, this was shocking. i could have eaten ten more of these for dessert.

kumquat gelee
just as good as the peach

ika yaki - grilled squid


kegani - fresh hairy crab
so much better then the crab i recently had at shunji


body meat
completely filled and overflowing with sweet meat


tai - sea bream

engawa - halibut fin

hirame - halibut

kanpachi - amberjack

buri - winter yellowtail

kohada - gizzard shad

aji - horse mackerel

sayori - halfbeak

ika - squid

mirugai - geoduck

kinmedai - splendid alfonsino

ikura - salmon roe

bafun uni - hokkaido sea urchin

anago - saltwater eel, sauce

anago - saltwater eel, salt

kanpyo maki - dried gourd roll

saba - mackerel

nodoguro - black throat seaperch

kamasu - baby barracuda

ama ebi - sweet shrimp


akami - lean bluefin tuna

chutoro - medium fatty tuna belly

otoro - fatty tuna

tekka makki - tuna roll
i liked the chutoro so much mori-san made a tekka maki with chutoro instead of the usual akami

hotate - hokkaido scallop

'nads in a box

bafun uni
mori ran out of fish so i got more uni


green tea pudding, harry’s berries strawberries

Shiki Beverly Hills
410 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 888-0036


The pics just kept on scrolling…


Hi @PorkyBelly,

So glad you liked your meal with Mori-san at Shiki. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it so good? :blush:

And regarding the Japanese baby mountain peach, yes! Just more of those for dessert is fine. :wink: Actually… hm! I think I’ll ask him to serve a couple more during dessert next time. :grin:

Wasn’t the Kohada so good?! It’s an incredible preparation and beautiful oily, briny flavor.

And, yah, Mori-san is such a joy to chat with. It makes a huge difference and a great experience, chatting it up with him, who has no pretension, no arrogance, and just makes the whole evening a great experience.


Those are very interesting shaped fish sperm sacs. The front most piece reminds me of namako/sea cucumber slices. First time seeing it simmered in…dashi? Must be really good.

The picture after agedashi tofu is kinpira (roughly meaning to sautee and simmer) hijiki (a type of sea vegetable) gobo (burdock) and carrot.

Good amount of roe in that grilled prawn head/tail portion!

Even the chopsticks are stamped! The kanji characters on them say “Yoshinosugi” which refer to cedar wood (sugi) from Yoshino area of Nara Prefecture. Cedar barrel stored/aged sake from Nara prefecture (using Yoshinosugi) is also quite excellent to have, as a side note.

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Yay @PorkyBelly!

Such a treat seeing your report.

You have answered a few questions about our own meal.

Now I’m pretty sure our Sashimi had Otoro and not Chutoro. I hedged because some Food Talkers say they are rarely served the fattiest of the fatties in L.A. But ours couldn’t possibly have been more melt in your mouth.

What do you think?

Ahhh… Is that the situation? His set-up does look different than Chef Shige’s. I never sat at his bar, but it looked more private/exclusive. Hmmm…

Question answered!

I take it you liked the Uni? :wink:

P.S. I must say, your Rice looks better than ours. :confused:

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What an eye you have.


That looks like chutoro

Oh well. It was delectable.

I think I prefer it over Otoro.

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Yeah, if you enlarge the photo it shows an incredible amount of marbling. That’s good enough for me. But I would like to try a piece of Otoro once.

Yes, I believe the sperm sac was in a dashi and it came off very smooth and creamy.

Ah, that was it, thanks for the reminder.

do you know what it says on the box o uni?

Uni box says

Kanji: Nemuro (referring to Nemuro province, Eastern coastline of Hokkaido)

Hiragana/Katagana: based on looking up charts since I don’t read, likely “Kawase”. A random guess would be either related to the vendor or the business that handles the processing/boxing. Easiest way to find out would be to ask Mori san about the sourcing/origin.

Last time I visited Mori Sushi, there was a nice tray of Nemuro uni as well (and there are varying grades, of course). Usually places just say “Hokkaido” or “bafun” uni, but there are different uni caught from various parts of Hokkaido. Last October/November some of the more interesting sushi omakase places in Tokyo and Saitama prefecture were sourcing uni from Konbumori area of Hokkaido. Part of this is because of what’s available in season and what middle wholesalers have access to at the moment for the restaurants over there (and for export over here).


I think all of LA’s sushi chefs must recognize you by now!!!

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it looks like otoro to me.

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:grin: “Who’s on first?”
Yah, if you expand the photo it shows a lot of marbling.

as we’re hoping to do omakase with mori-san on our next visit to l.a, i hope you won’t mind my asking how much this set you back in the bank statement dept.

On behalf of those fish who made the ultimate sac-rifice, “easy for you to say…”


Some of the best sperm sac I’ve come across

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i hope they have very good dishwashers…