Simpang or other Malaysian/Indonesian

It has been mentioned plenty but it’s such a staple in Culver that it should get its proper attention.

We have a general lack of Malay or Indonesian stuff here and since Jasmine (sp) I haven’t had a go to place other than this one. So if you have suggestions for some roti curry love i’d appreciate.

Nice surprise that on Mother’s day they let mother’s eat free (well 1 entree)

their paratha maybe best i’ve found in LA

completely skip the calamari here

soto is just heaven… so nurturing

pandan crepe with sweet coconut filling was amazing.

you’ll have to kick up your own spice level here as it’s all super mild


Simpang and Ramayani are regular stops for me. Mr. Sate is a good place for Indonesian nearby.

Looking forward to the Peranakan place scheduled to open up soon in Palms (but taking forever).

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THANKS! Mr Sate looks great

I liked the corn fritters and the skewers at Mr. Sate, but not a fan of the gado gado salad ‘cuz they used cooked kale in addition to cabbage.

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Need dat pandan crepe.

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You mean Simpang Asia? or something else?

@CiaoBob I’m guessing he means Simpang Asia b/c his pix were taken there (I crossref’d with similiar photos online).

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Thoughts on Belacan in Tustin/OC?

I think they’re the same Belacan that was on 190th in Redondo/Torrance area. They were quite good. If it’s the same family, I’d consider it worthy.

God, I miss that place.

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I know, right? Moving down to that part of OC makes sense. That part of the OC (esp. Irvine) had a blossoming expat Singaporean community. I’m sure that community was still there at the time of Belacan’s move.

What are some dishes you like at Belacan?

Just tried Uncle Fung Borneo Eatery; sign still says they’re in soft opening, but they’ve been doing business for at least a month. Menu is very limited. Milo was good. Char Kway Teow was okay. Not bad, but not amazing either. Dining companion had the laksa, and she said it was good, but not take-the-leftovers-home good.

Seemed to be doing brisk business, though! Wish them the best.

Mee & Greet? They’re opening this Saturday, May 26th at 12pm. Can’t wait to go.

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Is that a way of pointing out that Simpang Asia is in Palms, not Culver City? :wink:

haha… oops… i’m not even familiar with palms as a separate area

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Oy vey. … face palm

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It is, and within the Los Angeles city limits. No problem Nemroz. I hate to be the geography police around here, but…someone’s gotta be :smiley: Besides, I’m old enough to have memories of when a lot of these places didn’t run together :smiley:

I always enjoy your reports :+1:

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So funny @JThur01
And I’ve “only” lived here since 1994.

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It’s been far too long for me to recall what we had at Belacan. I just recall the menu being very solid for Malaysian food and being very sad that they moved out of the area years ago. However, if I we’re going in cold, I’d start with nasi lemak, kankung w/ belacan, maybe some satay and a noodle dish like Hokkien Mee or char kway teow.