"Sorry We're Closed," a flim by Elizabeth Falkner

wow… looks really good. where is going to stream/show?

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If its of any value to anyone, I’ll just say that, from my own experience, she is a very bright & talented person. Her several year stint in my Brooklyn neighborhood resulted in my getting a number of excellent salad/pizza meals & having several great conversations with her at her place and other neighborhood restaurants. I wish she would’ve stayed in Brooklyn and added her talents to the industry growth that continued. I’m sure this film will be insightful & well worth seeing & I look forward to doing so.


I found Orson bizarre as a restaurant—I told a friend it reminded me of The Adventures of Pluto Nash—but liked it a lot as a bar where you could get some great snacks to go with your drinks, like duck fat fries and trotter fritters.

I wouldn’t call her places here in NYC “bizarre”, but the one in Brooklyn, Krescendo, was a little eccentric & only lasted a year or so. But the pizza was really good & came at a time when the traditional NYC street pizza (gas oven, by the slice) was being joined in popularity (& numbers) by a slew of other methods. Not that there weren’t always other types of pizza in NYC (coal or wood oven, by the pie only, etc) but the idea of a notable West Coast baker who decided to become a trained pizza maker was appealing to many & the place had a lot of business until the novelty/buzz wore off. For me, that meant more accessibility to a good local place but, to her, maybe not the best continued income. At any rate, it closed too soon. Now, on that same stretch of Atlantic Ave, there are at least 5 pizza places churning out various types of pizza and making a living doing it.

Orson was a new-to-me weird hybrid of an ambitious restaurant and a cocktail lounge. 14 years later I’d just think it was Vegassy. If I remember what she said at the time it closed various things had happened that ballooned the business’s debt to the point they could never get out.