South Bay Staples

Ensenada surf n turf hermosa. Their fish tacos and ceviches are very good but one fish taco is 5.45 post tax which is insane.

Gotta go for their weekly specials.


Kagura Torrance

Tonkatsu-don was very tasty.


Old school California in Old Town Torrance. First time trying Foster’s Freeze. I absolutely love vanilla cones. This is far superior to DQ.



New York Deli. Fresh chopped chicken liver sandwich. This is actually pretty damn good tbh. Yes it is unattractive hence the statement, “what am I chopped liver?”. Should have ate more of this while on the east coast. Seen it at Zabar’s and Russ & Daughters. Also of note on the higher end get the chicken livers at Saffy’s.

Nijiya. Best market sushi out there. Also if you come early the hand rolls are an incredible value. The curry pan too!

Liking the kabob plates at Maison!


The handrolls are sold by the sandwiches? I have never seen them in the sushi section, just had some nijiya sushi today!


The Van Ness location might be different from Rolling Hills.

Van Ness has a whole section for hand rolls, buns, tempura, hot foods, and coffee.

Hand rolls were pretty generous with the salmon/tuna and avocado.

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Yeah I’m not sure if the rolling hills location has them ive seen onigiri figured they might be there will have to look harder

Old Ferry Donuts is now open by the Home Depot/Costco. Lines are long.


Are they any good? The just kinda look like Krispy Kreme?

I really enjoyed the peanut butter donut at the Buena Park location. They other flavors were meh. FWIW, I really like peanut deserts though.


Maybe I’ll just stick with sidecar then. I definitely have always loved cake donuts more

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Sidecar > Old Ferry but if you like a filled donut with cream, jelly and fillings there are a lot more options at Old Ferry. I also liked the peanut butter donut. Old Ferry makes a good donut but it’s not Sidecar.


Have you guys had the breakfast burrito at Hudson House (right across from Jus Poke the building with the Keith Haring inspired art).

They are sourcing from Chori Man. Also those happy hours and taco Tuesdays look like a great deal.


I had the regular tacos back in the day and thought it was ok haven’t been in years

Haven’t been since Brooke sold it. It was always a good place to get yummy nosh and drinks in the area that kept the quality up to the standards of the price.


Could not resist a hot butter and salt donut, prolly best donut!

Also there’s a yokocho sign across the street from pinwheel. Assuming Izakaya? They have a for hire sign.


phew–almost a thousand posts since i last checked in on this thread but i think i managed to finally skim them all!

on my list for this summer:

komatsu (it was on the list in dec 22 as well but somehow didn’t end up there)
sushi chitose (couldn’t get in last time)
ali’i fish company (might try to hit them up on the way from lax to seal beach)
sweet rice
tomizo ramen

a question re the pch night market in wilmington: it doesn’t look likely that we’ll be able to get there on a weekend evening. still worth it on a weeknight?

have i missed anything else in the thread that people would recommend highly? korean is not a priority. because a) we’ll be eating it at home; b) garden grove is close to seal beach anyway; and c) just got back from five weeks in seoul.


Some others izakaya hachi, sidecar donuts, la espanola, and tempura tendon carlos jr. If you are staying near seal beach i would encourage more exploring of garden grove/costa mesa/westminister area so many good restaurants.

The night market is only really busy on the weekends, there will be a couple of stands on weekdays but not anything worth making a special trip for.

Also a lot of restaurants in long beach worth checking out. La parolaccia, ammatoli, speak cheezy, little coyote, gusto bread


thanks–we ate at and enjoyed izakaya hachi in costa mesa on the last trip.

do we have a separate thread for oc recs?

I don’t think we have a specifically OC centric thread, just little saigon and you can search for OC stuff. But I don’t know if anything in south bay is super destination worthy, just more like good local eats.

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