Southern Italy reccos?

Will appreciate any and all food experiences from Sicily to Naples with Puglia as well.

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Lecce is a wonderful city with great food. I haven’t been there in ages but a friend spent a week there recently and had a great time. In Puglia keep an eye out for orecchiette con rapini and crama di ceci con rapini.

Probably best to skip Bros’.

Are you asking for LA restaurant recommendations? Or travel recs?

Italy restaurants

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Thanks. Definitely going to Leece

if you’re in taormina, Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto is exceptional, for the cannoli (which are filled to order), and also all the different lemon/almond pastries. post-visiting Roberto, eating Sicilian pastry outside of sicily has seemed pointless… Bam Bar is also exceptional, for its granita, which after visiting, also seems pointless outside of sicily…
in noto, there is of course caffe sicilia…

i would also recommend to make use of the wide availability of arancini in sicily, but more as happenstance snacks than planned visits…

perhaps Leo Bulgarini might have some interesting recommendations?


Thanks. Skipping Taormina because of the gay mafia

What is the gay mafia?

White Lotus reference?

It’s all anyone can talk about when we’ve brought up Sicily so i’m resorting to making wise cracks as well. But to elaborate Taormina looks great as a beach side resort… that’s not what we travel for.

Off-topic but yeah. I have a friend who’s been on one of those beaches in Mexico for a month. Worst nightmare for me. Oh yeah, and she’s not into food. LOL

Binario Calmo pizza in Naples near the train station was legit. In general, the Slow Food app was very helpful in Italy.


Pro tip!

Wait, I can’t find it on Apple Store

Apparently it is now a yearly app called Osterie d’Italia

PRO tip . Forget itinerary. Relax , enjoy. and explore … cheers

That’s us. Every year. I have 1 reservation for food and more than 2 weeks to fill


In Naples last summer, I thought Pizzeria 3.0 Ciro Cascella was better than 50 Kalo or Da Michele. But that’s maybe a controversial opinion, and the pizza is Canotto style if that’s your thing. Other places on my list were Attilio, Concertina, La Notizia, Sorbillo, Diego Vitagliano. If you have the time, Pepe in Grani outside the city is supposed to be amazing.

Gran Caffe Mexico, also Naples, was super old school, loved the kitsch and the iced drinks.

If you’re by chance going to Ischia I’ll give some specific recs on that. Same with Palermo or Trapani.

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Ok Attilio was crazy for lunch today. Concertina is tonight. Signora Betttola was a fantastic trattoria last night.



I was really charmed by my brief time in Naples (and Palermo for that matter).

There’s going to be pic dumping in the coming days for sure but trattoria San Carlo 17 for lunch was tops