Spaghetti Bolognese Does Not Exist [from Insider]

An existential crisis in Bologna…?

I was always under the impression that tagliatelle is the pasta of choice to go with Bolognese and using spaghetti with bolognese is a blasphemy. So existential crisis averted?

Old story.

In Bologna they call it ragù. Elsewhere in Italy they sometimes call it ragù alla bolognese, or sometimes just <whatever> alla bolognese.

In Bologna and elsewhere in the north they eat mostly (some people exclusively) fresh pasta, so you’d get taglitelle al ragù. Farther south they eat mostly dried pasta, so in Rome you see spaghetti al ragù, which sounds doubly wrong to natives of Bologna.

Dried pasta with meat sauce can be very good, but personally I prefer rigatoni or penne rigati, since the sauce adheres better. With spaghetti it has a tendency to get left on the plate.

I think M. Hazan preferred tagliatelli. I always have linguine on hand so that’s what I use. I don’t care for tube-type pasta. Just me.

As Hazan said in her first book:

The union of tagliatelle and ragu is a marriage made in heaven, but ragu is also very good with tortellini, it is indispensable in lasagne, and it is excellent with rigatoni, ziti, conchiglie, and rotelle.

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I make her green lasagna which IMO is one of the greatest dishes ever. It still takes all day even though I have the Bolognese made way ahead of time and frozen in portions.

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Her artichoke lasagne recipe is also great, and even more work.

I haven’t looked at it. Glad I have a partner who helps with the rolling out of the pasta.

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Ohmigod, how much lasagna does that make???


It’s supposed to be rolled as thin as possible.

One pan. As robert said, you roll it as thin as you can,which is very thin. I can’t remember how many layers. Maybe six?

BTW, more than once I’ve cooked, refrigerated or frozen, and reheated. After making it all I want to do is take a nap :slight_smile: