Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy season 2 continues

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy resumes on Sunday, Oct. 9th.

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Is there still no way to stream it without giving money to Fox News?

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It’s in CNN. So it should be available for on demand perhaps.

Maybe on Discovery+.

Nope, it’s episodes 5-8 of season 2.

Looking forward to it .

It airs on CNN…

Right, and there’s no way to get CNN outside of a package that includes Fox News.

One of my favorite scenes was the white truffle auction from Piedmont. Just under two pounds went for $ 114,000 . Yea now . A little over 3,500 a ounce .

Current price is more like $300 an ounce. Giant truffles like that command a premium as people use them for prmotion.

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The season is over for this series, and I thought it was very pleasant and appetizing…