SUI Croissants

Have you had croissants from SUI: sui - Los Angeles, CA | Tock
I like them A LOT:

I like Dyan, even more. My favorite hard working genius pastry chef I forever love :two_hearts::ok_woman:

It might jack up your croissant standard…
Even her frozen kit to bake at home is already too good.
Try to eat the fresh bake one faster than when nigiri lands in front of you for once, your future self will thank you xoxo

My croissant heaven :cloud::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::laughing::croissant:

The Croissant Kit includes everything you need to bake them at home with any oven:


Thanks for the heads up.

Any thoughts on when the baked goods come out of their oven if ordered fresh? It’s tough to retain a croissant’s flakiness if they aren’t eaten relatively fresh and pipin’ hot.

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The brutal truth is Dyan bakes the order the moment you schedule to pick it up, so be on time and that thing will be as hot as you can handle. Parking is hard to find around that ghost kitchen entrance so I text her 3mins before I get there and illegally flashing my signal until the hot croissants show up.

Also order the frozen kit if you have a party and pretend you are a pastry chef to bake them at home. It’s super easy and fun.


I enjoyed mine


@PorkyBelly have you tried her pistachio ones recently? I missed out on it. Sold out :frowning:

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Wow those croissants pretty far away but I’ll have to book mark this for later.

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wow - that is a true marker of dedication! croissant quality declines exponentially with time once it’s been baked…

the best croissants i’ve had in the US (from Arsicault in SF) used to effectively achieve this by having a nonstop long line


Who makes the 5 best croissants of all time? Think about it. Dyan. Dyan. Dyan. Dyan. Dyan. She spits that hot fire.

Sorry couldn’t resist Chapelle Show reference.

Carry on you sophisticated croissant eaters.


After about 100 Dyan’s croissants later, I can no longer eat random croissants off the street anymore. The love of my life :croissant::hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::face_with_peeking_eye:


Oh man here we go again, another :croissant: I gotta try after the last croissant thread.

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It will change your life :saluting_face:

:coffee::croissant: Skipping Saturday’s farmer market to hangout with my favorite fresh baked croissants :two_hearts: Stuffing them into my face… faster than tailgating at the parking lot across the street to eat Akira Yoshizumi San’s togo sushi during SF lockdown :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Eat the fresh croissants quickly and get the frozen kit to proof and bake at home. The cut off time to order is at noon the day before, which I forget sometimes. Hence, I need insurance/emergency croissants in the freezer.

My croissant heaven :cloud::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::laughing::croissant:

Best to pair them with your favorite coffee (the cup on top is for Chef Dyan :kissing_heart:)

On the coffee notes, earlier today:

Solid & flavorful for espresso:

Another lovely tea like beans:
“This lot is a plethora of light fruit tones with a soft sweet floral and tea note. The fruit notes hover between light peach and tropical fruits, and even have hints of light tart plum and other stone fruits. This washed profile stays on the bright, crisp, and cleaner side of the profiles we see from Gedeb.”

The Croissant Kit includes everything you need to bake them at home with any oven:


Nothing beats a hot out of the oven croissant being eaten immediately :sparkles: possible true love could, but croissants = true love :kissing_heart:

I’m not a chocolate person but I trust Dyan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Because I can’t get off work early for this on weekdays, I keep a questionable amount of frozen SUI croissants in my freezer for a daily dose of happiness. Technically my body is a mix between Needle’s Eggplant Bamboo and SUI croissants. Tasty! :yum:


My family’s making our somewhat annual pilgrimage to LA in a couple weeks for Christmas. Stumbled across this thread and, loving me some good croissant but sadly lacking great options where I live in Chicago, I WANTS some of this.

Is Tock the only way to reserve an order? That’s the only site link I’m finding. I’m not able to book any Wed-Fri dates, though. Also, the calendar is showing availability for orders on Christmas Day which I’m guessing must be a fluke?

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@eatscake81 Yes, tock is the only way to order.

Chef Dyan only offers fresh baked croissants on the weekend this month. If you’re in town, try to pick up some on Sat or Sun, it’s worth it. I can’t find any other croissants I like that much the US.

On Wed, Thu, Fri: she offers pickup for frozen croissants to bake at home.

And yes, Sui is open on Dec 24 and 25 as well as the recent Thanksgiving, because her croissants are the best when she bakes them.

And you really have to eat them right away to enjoy it fully. The croissant god will rewards you with so much happiness within that moment. I’m very serious about croissants :sweat_smile:


You speak my language. OK, Christmas morning croissants for the win!


She’s right. They are totally worth it. The fresh baked ones are so delicate and delicious. I devoured 4 in a matter of minutes and now my freezer is stocked with some of her bake at home croissants.


+1 , got these Sunday morning and they were amazing! Favorite was burnt cinnamon. Nothing better than hot croissant and coffee for the rainy morning.



I’m literally missing Dyan at the very moment, then I saw this :sob: Going to proof and patiently wait for another 8 hours to bake it. Weekend, please come already :cry: I want Sui Croissants for Christmas…


Time for a second freezer lol!