Sushi Kaneyoshi - Little Tokyo

after drooling over their takeout sushi for almost a year, sushi kaneyoshi is finally open for dine-in and it was hands down one of my top meals in over a year and my favorite sushi-ya in la. the entire meal was you’re-going-to-let-the-cat-out-shut-the-front-door stupid good. heart-emoji, blush-emoji, heart-emoji. this meal was like the sushi equivalent of a hayato-like transportation to japan.

can we give the bat signal for an entire restaurant?

they’re currently doing one 7pm seating a night wednesday - friday, with one menu for $250pp, which (don’t tell anybody) i think is a steal for what you get. the only thing missing is dessert. ftc buyout anybody?

handmade by yoshi-san himself

tane starting lineup

first to bat is this ridiculously lush and fatty toro buri with yuzu and wasabi.


himekodai tempura with astera caviar
perfectly fried, fluffy and moist on the inside.

saba bozushi
yoshi-san makes my favorite saba bozushi to go, but eating this “piping hot”, so to speak, is even better.

kegani chawanmushi, yuzu
this was full of flavor from the sweet crab and kani miso, best chawanmushi i’ve had in a long time.

gotta get jiggy wit it


smoked meji maguro (baby tuna), shiso flowers
another wow bite, literally butter with a hint of smoke.

soy marinated ankimo
this may be better than foie gras

smoked masu belly
goodness on a stick, come on.

sushi time
instead of repeating myself I’ll just say upfront, the nigiri is insanely good.



anthony-san binchotan prepping the kinmedai

le sigh



masu zuke
on another handmade Yoshi-san plate

yoshi-san uses mostly komezu with a bit of akazu. lovely rice, doesn’t wear on your palate like more heavily akazu seasoned rice.

maguro zuke


kama toro
aged four days, ridiculous



hokkaido bafun uni

murasaki uni (kyushu)
my goodness, incredible.


kuruma ebi

“japanese burrito”
the baby jesus futomaki

hand for scale


shrimp, nori miso

toro taku



Wow this was ridiculously good and is currently the chirashi and futomaki to beat in la right now. @TheCookie, @attran99, @Chowseeker1999, @foodshutterbug, @formersushichef, @bagel, @A5KOBE

Rice, seasoning, and prep-work was perfect, knifework was excellent, and the packaging and presentation was beautiful.

I got a tour of the unfinished space and from the looks of it, it’s going to be gorgeous. Love the full one piece flat counter with no display cases getting in the way, reminds me of sgo’s counter.

The location also reminds me of all the hidden places you have to hunt down to find in japan.

First, you need to drive into the parking garage off of san pedro st. between the jewelry store and the nail salon. Tell the parking assistant you’re picking up fom sushi kaneyoshi. Walk up the ramp to the second level and enter the lobby through the glass doors. Go straight and on your left take the center elevator, not the left or the right one (don’t ask me how I know) and go down to the basement. Exit the elevator and turn left to check-in.

On a normal day a nama chirashi or a futomaki eaten at one of the tables outside at weller court would be the perfect lunch.

Instead, this was me attempting to eat outside during this never-ending-90+degree-oppression… before i retreated back to my car. nope.


Because of @NYCtoLA’s bad influence I had to get the nama chirashi and futomaki.

nama chirashi
My move was to dab some wasabi on top of the neta, take a piece of gari to brush on some nikiri, and then pick it up with some shari underneath to get the perfect diy nigiri bite.

I’m going to shamelessly steal @rlw’s power ranking format and list the ingredients in order of @PorkyBelly preference:

1. santa barbara uni

2. hokkaido uni

3. chutoro

4. otoro

5. oyster
The texture was like a fluffy, creamy anago, this was great

6. hokkaido scallop

7. anago

8. ocean trout

9. shrimp

10. tachiuo - beltfish

11. castella style tamago

12. hagatsuo - bonito (kagoshima, japan)

13. ikura

14. tai - red snapper

15. shima aji - striped jack

16. kanpachi - amberjack

Shout out to the gari and wasabi.

futomaki - maguro zuke, toro, chopped tuna, uni, shrimp, anago, scallop, castella tamago, cucumber
Look at the precision knifework and cuts to make each piece identical in size and height. And notice how evenly the rice is distributed, no overlapping. the rice is also packed perfectly, just enough to hold all the ingredients while you pick it up, but loose enough to fall apart in your mouth.

Another standout meal from yoshi-san and his team. The beautiful sushi bar is coming along nicely and should be open in about a month (sneak peak below). Stay tuned for takeout nigiri hopefully starting next week.

I used the alternate entrance through the kajima building on 1st. If you do use that entrance, be sure to exit before they lock the doors or else you’ll have to take the elevator back up to the second floor, exit through the parking garage, and take the stairs down to san pedro st. Don’t ask me how I know.

@PorkyBelly’s official unofficial power rankings:

1. kama toro

2. kegani

3. anago

4. hotate (scallop)

5. bafun uni

6. zuke maguro

7. kamasu (barracuda)
this tasted wonderfully seared over binchotan (say no to butane)


8. new caledonia blue shrimp

9. aji no sujime (vinegar marinated aji)
not sure i ever had marinated aji, i thought it was saba at first.

10. kinmedai no kobujime (cured in kombu)

11. bonito

12. tombo toro (fatty albacore)

13. masu - ocean trout

14. ikura

15. castella style tamago

16. tai (red snapper)

shout out to the shari and beautiful packaging

futomaki - tamago, anago, toro, akami, masu, kyuri (cucumber), santa barbara uni, new caledonia blue shrimp, chopped tuna
so much seafood packed into this wonderful maki. if you listen carefully you might hear sebastian


sneak peak

Sushi Kaneyoshi
111 San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Beautiful pics @PorkyBelly, thanks for the great report back. :slight_smile:

How did you like the Futomaki compared to your crazy Futomaki in Hawaii? :slight_smile:

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I believe Porky had 2 epic futomaki’s…SGO ‘s and Sho’s.

The futomaki that @beefnoguy posts from Yoshizumi looks utterly ridiculous delicious.


Right there with you this weekend. The elaborate pickup process is part of the fun!

Gorgeous counter space, right?

Yoshi-san and crew are crafting the futomaki of the moment. The Kaneyoshi roll is just the right size and density, with undeniably tasty neta and pearly rice. (And yes @beefnoguy, all those contrasting textures and tastes in each huge bite of futomaki play extremely well and with strength from my Shimeharitsuru “Jun” Junmai Ginjo!)


ha, are you following me around? did you go to prd too?


and if people are wondering, yes you can fit a whole piece in your mouth… barely.


Ahhh chirashi, I was confused initially and thought it was a nigiri.

Is the oyster steamed?

Eager to check out the local Covid-era takeout offerings and compare to NYC. Kaneyoshi top on the list :grin:


I was just about to ask you the same question! No PRD for me this weekend - I wanted to leave some Hainan and Sorrowful for the rest of the FTC gang to try lol.

I have been busy working and eating, but behind in posting my reports back. Gotta try and correct that soon…

The Frances Patisserie (South Pasadena) Cream Puff commemorating your avatar was light and filled to the brim with tasty custard!



Excellent move @J_L, sounds like you knocked two bentos with one sake to fully comprehend its versatility with Hayato’s bento and the seafood futomaki of Kaneyoshi!

I’m really happy for you guys, you all now have Yoshizumi-esque sushi in LA with Kaneyoshi!

Next opportunity for pairing hopefully in the future is a freshly binchotan grilled piece of nodoguro, anago or unagi with the Shimehari (as industry folks call it with 2 less syllables). My friend’s Japanese Italian restaurant in Tokyo carries this sake in magnum size, although I wonder what dishes he pairs it with, I suspect it might even work with squid pasta with a squid liver sauce, or crab and kani miso pasta.

@Starchtrade we have a new Shimehari convert!


Good choice.

Fun fact, take-san’s older brother, fumio-san (formerly of sushi of gari la) is helping out yoshi-san and anthony-san during opening.


Fumio-san also moonlights occasionally at Marino and helps out with the crudo prep. Before that, he was abroad in HK, where he was the inaugural itamae at Sushi Zo HK.


I literally picked this up this weekend as well! So good! I shared half of the chirashi and these pics and the identification of fish which I also missed are so appreciated. Didn’t even realize it was two types of uni since I only ate one of them. :rofl: :sob:

I was one of those folks who promptly got lost going through the stairs and exiting before learning they were one-way. So for anyone who’s going through the stairs… Do NOT follow them all the way down and out! It’s on floor 2 so if you end up parking at the top of the structure like me remember to not exit the stairs at the bottom level. …they might be one-way. Just saying.

I can’t wait to get this again and pair it with one of their sake.


Ha, same thing happened to me after I mistakenly got into the wrong elevator that didn’t go down to the basement. So I figured I can just take the stairs down, nope. Bottom line is you need to go up to go down.

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hi @Chowseeker1999,

i liked them both, the sgo honolulu futomaki had all cooked ingredients, so it was great after a hike the next day. sushi kaneyoshi’s is packed full with raw seafood and was also great.


Pro-tip: Take the middle bank of elevators.

Yep figured that out the second time around after I got locked out of the stairwell.

Bottom line, go up and to the middle to go down.

IG says they’re operating out of Izakaya Fu-ga. Does this mean we can also enter by going down the stairway from the street?

That staircase entrance is locked for now. For now, all foot traffic into the Kajima Building must first pass by the security desk on the second floor entrance from the garage.


I think so.

Whoa whoa whoa